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NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player


NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Media Player at Abt


When it comes to the world of entertainment, the space has never seemed so large. And neither has the science behind it. That's in large part thanks to the innovative minds at NVIDIA. Their name may be familiar from a computer processor or graphics card you once used. But they do much more than make individual computer accessories and components. This brand pushes forward into all realms computer-related, from software to hardware and beyond. And no matter what they craft, it's all high-end. That's why gaming experts building their own PCs reach for the brand's GeForce graphics cards. Even more exciting is their push into the world of AI: we can't wait to see what they'll accomplish next. For now, NVIDIA's technology is already world-changing. See some of what they're working on below.

For The Personal Computer

NVIDIA creates both software and hardware for every kind of computer, from the most basic hobbyist model all the way up to the highest tier gamer or video editor. It's true that NVIDIA doesn't make their own pre-packaged computers: instead, they make the high-tier components that go inside. You'll find their processors, graphics cards and other equipment inside next-gen computers made by brands like HP and others like Samsung. With the power of NVIDIA inside these next-gen laptops and personal desktops, accomplishing your goals and getting into workflows is quick and easy. Use NVIDIA Studio to help with photo and video editing, multitask between video meetings and spreadsheets, or take studying along with you from class to the library to the coffee shop and back. The brands' powerful software and hardware makes it easy to tackle the day, every day.

For The Gamer

These products are truly made for the gamer. When the brand was founded in the '90s, there was a huge boom in popular games, but a lack in the power to create them. Thats where the growing company focused much of their energy. This realm is where they get the most out of their GPUs and CPUs. It's all about being faster and stronger when it comes to gaming PCs: players want there to be no interruptions, no lag, and no stuttering. Every year the brand pushes out higher-tier graphics cards and processors. That's action that doesnt stop, new environments that load in milliseconds. And whether you're building your own gaming PC or using a prebuilt model, you'll want the best of the best inside.

For Better Entertainment

These computorial wizards have expanded their reach further into the world of entertainment. For years, everyone's favorite wind-down has been streaming shows and movies, and Nvidia streaming media devices help you do that in a completely new way. Every choice is made deliberately, from technology like Dolby Vision HDR to Dolby Atmos. And what sets it apart from competitors is the brand's processors—every action on your TV will be as speedy and suped-up as possible.

If you have any questions about products crafted by the brand, our team of experts is here to help. Call us at 800-860-3577 and we'll help you find the answers you're looking for. To learn more, check out our Learn Center guides to computers and another one dedicated to streaming.