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Nanoleaf Smart Lighting at Abt

White chairs and Table with Nanonlea Smart Lighting on a Wall

Light Up The Home With Nanoleaf At Abt

Nanoleaf is a green technology company founded by Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger and Christian Yan in 2012, a group of engineers looking to change the energy-efficient lighting industry. They are dedicated to providing the most innovative smart home solutions globally. With the use of thoughtful design, their smart lighting products can be customized by each user for a completely unique experience. Their first two products were able to hit the market with the support of a Kickstarter campaign. Then, in 2016, Nanoleaf released its first modular smart lights, thinking beyond a basic bulb by creating products like Light Panels. In the past few years, the brand expanded its collection by enhancing panels and releasing newer products like Shapes that offer quirky, geometric lighting for all creative personalities. Today, they have a total of 13 products and over one million Nanoleaf app users. Their creations have been featured in GQ, NBC, CNN, IGN, USA Today and other notable publications. Their panels and Shapes have even been used by world-famous DJs, TV shows, music festivals, YouTube creators and MLB teams.

Smarter By Design

Nanoleaf lighting products all have the ability to change color, choosing from vivid whites or over 16 million color variations. The whites have extended temperature ranges, from cool to warm, and you can also create color-changing scenes for more ambient moods. Remote workers, movie watchers and gamers will enjoy the Screen Mirror settings on Nanoleaf products, which choose colors to reflect the activity on your screen to make for a more immersive experience. If you're new to smart lighting solutions and are seeking a simpler product, Abt carries a variety of Nanoleaf LED smart bulbs and light strips ideal for beginners. Turn these lights on and off as you please or put them on customized schedules to match your daily routine. While the wide array of color options is appealing, these bulbs and light strips are also ideal for those seeking a more natural and peaceful lighting environment. Both products offer Circadian Lighting, which allows the lights to automatically adjust based on the temperature of the sun in your timezone. This setting helps boost energy and also prepares users for rest later in the day.

If you're looking for a truly unique lighting fixture in your room, Abt also carries geometric Shape options from Nanoleaf, including hexagons, triangles and Lines. These backlit LED Shapes and Lines feature an ultra-thin panel design and can be mixed and matched to make creative designs on any wall. If you're not sure how to pattern your Shapes and Lines, you can take advantage of the Layout Assistant, which uses augmented reality to preview the lights in your room before installing. Nanoleaf's geometric lighting also comes with a Rhythm Music Visualizer feature that provides a light show to match the music you play. Shapes and Lines can be placed on nearly any flat surface with the included mounting tape, making for the easiest installation process. Nanoleaf products can be controlled and customized with the Nanoleaf app or with voice controls via smart hubs like Google Home, Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings. Additionally, their light strips come with an attached controller for powering on and off, cycling through colors and changing the brightness. If these Nanoleaf lighting products spark your interest, learn more about building and expanding a smart home system with our home automation buying guide. Any additional questions about the brand and its lights can be directed to our experts at 800-860-3577.