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NordicTrack Home Fitness Equipment at Abt

NordicTrack Home Fitness Equipment at Abt

NordicTrack: Fitness Made Smart

Whether you're prepping for a New Year's Resolution, creating a long-term fitness regime or replacing an old treadmill, there's one brand that stands tall above others when it comes to at-home personal training. The brand has been helping users to feel healthier and lose weight since 1975 thanks to their original low-impact exercise equipment. They've been in business for over 45 years, but these exercise maniacs have adapted to modern trends flawlessly thanks to smart iFit technology. Instead of staring at the wall with no life in their eyes, users find themselves engaged completely in workouts led by expert physical trainers. iFit connects to your phone via app or to your machine, meaning you'll have your program with you no matter what. Time-tested expertise fused with the best of new technology: it's what NordicTrack does best.

Go Cardio With Treadmills, Bikes & Rowing Machines

Get ready to fly high with cardio equipment from NordicTrack. High-quality construction ensures that these machines can handle even the toughest of workouts, whether you're training up for a cross-continental bike ride or a walk down the aisle in a slim-fitting tux. Treadmills are synonymous with cardio, making these high-impact movers an easy pick for anyone just starting out in the world of workouts. Meanwhile, stationary bicycles tend to have a lower impact on knees and your lower body, ensuring that just about anyone in the house (yes, even your parents) can use them.

Rowing machines might look a little more unfamiliar, though they are cardio devices. Here, users hoping to bust out their six-pack row to boost strength in a total body workout. Abdominals, obliques, quads, calves and glutes are all targeted with every stroke. And just like cycling, rowing is low impact, making NordicTrack rowing machines the perfect choice for anyone looking to start slow (or speed up). Those recovering from surgeries might get as much out of a NordicTrack rowing machine as a healthy, fit individual.

Train Smart With iFit

Instead of guessing about time limits, intensity levels and intervals, leave the details of your workout plan to the pros with iFit from NordicTrack. Real personal trainers help to guide you along your path, whether you're running across New Zealand or spinning in a virtual gym class full of pumped-up participants. Even compete with others with help from iFIT's leaderboard and show off calories burned. Several pieces of NordicTrack equipment are designed with large screens that make it easy to feel like part of the action. iFit membership is required after the initial trial ends.

Which Exercise Is Best?

Not sure which routine or equipment is right for you? Don't worry, you're in the right place. Instead of comparing models and charts and graphs online, come to your local experts at Abt. Our team of experts specializes in helping people equip their home gyms with the kind of gear needed to help them get healthier. Give our team of experts a call at 800-860-3577 or head into the store to see our stock in person. Alternatively, check out our Cardio Machine Buying Guide to learn all the details about what pick might be the best for your lifestyle.