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Polaroid Instant Cameras & Instant Film

Polaroid Now Instant Film Camera

For nearly 100 years, Polaroid has found innovative ways to manipulate light. While the company is best known for its instant film cameras, it got its start by producing polarized sunglasses and even made goggles for dogs at one point.

The company has changed hands a few times over the years. In 2008, The Impossible Project took the reigns, releasing Polaroid Originals as a new brand of instant film cameras and accessories. In 2020, the company rebranded again, reverting to the instantly recognizable Polaroid.

As technology has progressed and we've become more accustomed to instant gratification, Polaroid cameras are more relevant than ever. New models improve upon classic designs with modern features, like Bluetooth to give you more creative opportunities than ever before.

Polaroid is back with the iconic white frame to help capture and share the moments that make us smile.