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Polk Audio at Abt

High performance home theater speakers, soundbars, & subwoofers

Polk Audio at Abt

Polk Audio, founded in 1972 by three Johns Hopkins University graduates, holds more than 65 patents for unique audio products. The company is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of high-performance audio products and Abt Electronics proudly carries a full line of Polk Audio speakers and sound systems to meet all your entertainment needs.

If you are an audiophile who has a distinguished ear for all things audio, Polk Audio is your solution for the ultimate listening experience. Dedicated audio professionals develop products that enhance your listening experience. Never satisfied with “good enough” Polk Audio believes, "if it makes sound, we make it sound better". Whether you want to enhance your flat-screen TV, tablet, smartphone, or other home entertainment system, Polk Audio has the product for you. Contact an Abt sales specialist to find the right Polk speaker for you.