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Whether you live in an extra-large household with kids or a studio apartment with just yourself, you’re going to need hot H2O on demand—and you’ll need it for everyone. That means it’s critical to have the right size and type of aquatic management system in your home. Otherwise, a sharp temperature drop might shock you out of your next warm and wonderful shower. That’s why Reliance water heaters are designed to be just that: reliable. For over 25 years, these experts in everything aqua have been ensuring that once these devices are installed, users have to think about their Reliance water heater as little as possible. That’s because their self-cleaning tanks are designed to, well, work. And work hard.

What Makes Them Different?

These specialists stand out from the crowd with their vast selection of products. From electric models to classic natural gas versions to self-cleaning capabilities, there’s a version designed for every house. Newer and smarter designs even feature adaptive touch screens and leak detecting functions that’ll warn owners of potential leaks before accidents happen. Other advanced features include corrosion protection, optional diagnostic feedback and limited tank and parts warranties.

Another Reliance water heater stand-out feature? The Piezo ignition system found on many natural gas models. This advanced ignition system allows for a less involved pilot lighting experience, and can even be managed with just one hand (and no matches required). Instead of juggling headlamps and lighters when your evening bath just isn’t warming up, you’re just a simple step away from warm H2O.

Self-Cleaning Units

If you’ve always used a classic tank model, learn more about self-cleaning versions that can save you time and energy, all while providing you with instantaneous irrigation. These units continually filter away materials like sediment, helping to keep your machine clean (and reducing the amount of maintenance and your regular system flushing schedule). Choose between gas-fired or electric models depending on your home’s foundation, or call our experts at 800-860-3577 to learn more about which model is better for your setup. The benefits outweigh the costs for many—while these self-cleaning Reliance water heaters tend to be a bit more expensive initially, they often end up saving customers more money in the long run. That’s because your device will be operating as efficiently as possible, with little wasted energy or space. And since you won’t need to flush your device as often, you’ll have more time to spend in a hot shower (or loading the dishwasher, doing the laundry, or washing the dog).

Find the Right One For Your Home

Seeing a long list of products that all look similar can be overwhelming, especially if it’s an investment purchase. If you’re not exactly sure which of these Reliance water heaters is the best model for your lifestyle or have any questions, give our experts a call at 800-860-3577. As a Reliance water heater dealer, the team at Abt is ready to help you order, install and service whichever you choose.

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