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Revolution Cooking

Revolution Cooking

Revolution Cooking at Abt

Introducing Revolution Cooking, one of the most exciting new brands to hit the small appliance market. Since their founding in 2018, they have reinvented outdated cooking technologies for superior performance. Frustration with countless burned bagels led the founders to reinvent the toaster to solve the problem. They discovered that the heat technology inside toasters was over 100 years old; it was time for a revolution. Their work with leading engineers has resulted in a newly-designed toaster with intelligent heating algorithms that adjust to whatever food you're making in real time. Since then, Revolution Cooking has been praised by some of the biggest publications. Their signature product is the Revolution Toaster, which has transformed toasting with new, innovative technology. Now available at Abt, you can experience this innovation for yourself. Whether you're making breakfast for the kids or hosting a brunch, this small appliance by Revolution Cooking will transform your kitchen.

Meet the Revolution Toaster

There are three different Revolution Toaster models: the R270, the R180 and the new R180B. The R270 is their premium model, delivering amazing results for 34 bread types. This curated offering allows the brand to completely focus on next-gen toasting technology, creating the first breakthrough in toasting in decades. Their innovations allow for faster toasting, a fraction of the time it takes a standard model to achieve golden brown bread. What makes the Revolution Toaster so special? Their signature InstaGLO® technology, which approaches toasting bread more like searing a steak: the outside of your bread or bagel is perfectly crunchy while the inside remains tender and soft for the perfect bite. This patented heating system delivers faster, hotter, more concise and more precise heating that also manages to use less energy. InstaGLO® uses algorithms to calculate the optimal toast time depending on what food you're eating so you can enjoy your food exactly how you want it—even items like frozen waffles. The digital screen is easy to navigate, adding a welcome touch of smart tech to your kitchen.

With rave reviews from some of the top food and home publications, the Revolution Toaster is a cutting-edge addition to Abt's offering. Additionally, separate accessories allow you to upgrade the appliance to make even more deliciously easy meals at home. Their curated collection of accessories includes a panini press and a warming rack so you can easily make breakfast, lunch and dinner from a single appliance. This small appliance will change the way you make meals, not just breakfast. Enjoy a delicious panini for lunch or enjoy your favorite frozen toaster pastry when you're craving a treat. It's time to go beyond breakfast. This brand prioritizes innovation and will add an unexpected dash of fun to mealtime. If you have questions about the Revolution Cooking brand or their signature toaster, please contact our appliance specialists at 800-860-3577. Want to experience the difference before you buy? Visit our Glenview store to test the Revolution Toaster for yourself and speak to an Abt expert in person.