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With Skee-Ball, one machine can light up a whole room: a game room, that is. Or a basement, loft playroom or man-cave. The brand is a favorite for real-life arcades—everyone has fond memories of rolling the sphere up towards the highest target and winning with the highest score. Whether you love the competition or just want to bring some beloved nostalgia into your space, Skee-Ball arcade machines are the right way to do it. Get your rolling arm ready and invite some friends over; it's time to see who still has their skills, and who might be a little bit rusty.

The Original Game, In All Its Glory

No quarters, all play: the classic melds with all the creature comforts of home for a piece you'll love having in your space. These machines are made right here in the midwest, so you know that you'll be getting quality no matter your playstyle. And get ready: it's more than just tossing pitches at holes. These models often come with multiple play modes, allowing you and your friends to have fun (and not get sick of it after the first five minutes). Watch the overhead screen light up with every roll, goal and miss as you fight for the high score. Bright lights and sounds make the experience even better, with effects and colors to congratulate every goal. Some models coordinate different colors to match different players: before you know it, it'll be your turn again.

Meanwhile, the quality of these designs is not to be understated. These models are made for premium fun, especially the premium models. Choose from multiple colors to fit the mood of your space, while an ultra-durable cork ramp ensures that every toss lands safely where it should. The rubber targets are just as durable and ready to hold up to hours of fun. The build quality and style truly does make these arcade machines perfect for any game room or man cave. For the ultimate in fun, pair yours with a table game that will keep everyone occupied, like billiards or air hockey.

More Than Skee-Ball

The brand makes more than just the classic machine that gave it glory. Explore some of the other Skee-Ball game room picks, like their pinball machines. Pinball machines by Skee-Ball are more powerful than the ones you might see in a pub: their digital Skillshot FX models are made for speed and agility, with none of the lag or mechanical hiccups you might find in the models used in a pub. Explore different styles too: instead of just trying to reach the highest score, you'll love models designed around your favorite films, shows and comics. Choose between different game modes too, from classic modes to three-ball and beyond. Play with friends or all by yourself: no matter what, it's always an adventure and whoever plays will always have fun.

If you're having a hard time choosing the perfect gear for your game room, you're in the right place. Our team of experts is always here to help you find the best pick for your lifestyle, whether you're looking for the right choice for your kids or something for your adult basement bar space. (We recommend outfitting your space with a table game as well as arcade-worthy gear like this, plus a convenient ice maker and a compact refrigerator—you'll never need to go anywhere else for a beverage.) To learn more about Skee-Ball and to order your gear, call our specialists at 800-860-3577.

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