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Treasure Garden

Build Your Ideal Outdoor Space With Treasure Garden

Backyards are what summer was made for. Sunshine streaming through the trees, green grass growing between your toes, and a wide lawn that's ready for you to be filled with your favorite summertime activities. Be ready for warmer temperatures with gear from Treasure Garden at Abt. These experts in all things outdoors are equipped with everything you need to protect your paradise, specializing in covers for things like patio seating, tables, fire pits and more. No wind storms or rain will damage your six-seat dining set out by the outdoor kitchen (complete with grill, griddle, sink and bar fridge.) When the weather becomes nice again, make sure you're just as shielded from the sun with Treasure Garden umbrellas, too. These tilting sun shields are handcrafted to offer the most coverage possible. Whatever the season, make sure your outdoor space is properly shielded with help from Treasure Garden.

Flexible Umbrellas

Treasure Garden umbrellas aren't like the kind you'd bring to the beach and prop against the sand. These large shade-makers mean business from the minute they unfold. Place yours in the center of a patio table or stand, use the hand crank and watch your new haven of sun safety expand. Pull a lounge chair or two beneath your shade to relax—Treasure Garden umbrellas usually provide 80 square feet of sun coverage beneath them, allowing enough space for everyone to hang out in the shade. If you spend lots of time in the yard, look for a model with a tilting system. You'll be able to adjust the angle to meet (and block) the sun as it travels across the afternoon sky. Keep your shade up as the day progresses to get the most enjoyment out of your day. Hoping to make the most of your backyard? Outfit it with gear like outdoor sectionals and even an outdoor TV. You and the family will have fun out here all day long and into the night.

Block Out The Weather

Treasure Garden's umbrella fabrics are famed for protecting users from the sun. That's why they've invested in even tougher fabrics to help shield all of your backyard gear from the effects of the weather. Made from RhinoWeave material and designed with utility in mind, each cover is shaped to be both flexible and fitted. Look for models that match your needs, from mid-sized chair arrangements to ultra-long tables and fire pits. Easy-to-use cinch locks make securing these a breeze (even in bad weather). And when the weather clears up again, you'll be ready to stash each one in its own individual storage pouch.

Ready To Have Fun Outside?

If you're still designing your backyard paradise, you've come to the right place. We're well equipped with everything from fire pits to patio heaters to grills and chaise lounges. Whether you're designing a down-to-earth space or essentially creating a backyard theater, you can come to Abt for help. Give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577 to speak to the experts, or do some research at home with our article on Outdoor Kitchen Must-Have's.