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Turing AI: Complete Home and Business Protection

When it comes to security, there should never be any compromises. That's why Turing AI channeled all of its engineering might into their intelligent cloud video surveillance system. Their award-winning hardware and surveillance system is beloved by homes and businesses alike, including big names like Coca-Cola, Trader Joes, Albertsons and more. It's all thanks to Turing AI's products and their intelligent construction: explore cameras that are perfect for your needs, whether you're making sure the exterior of your home is safe all day and night long or you're hoping to protect your small business. Turing AI is here to help.

The Smart Cameras

Turing AI's cameras are the best place to start when it comes to building your intelligent safety-fueled smart house. Explore the different camera options that might be right for you, with next-gen abilities like TwilightVision™ that bring image clarity forward even in lower light zones. Even then, VibrantView™ color technology brings color clarity forward in lower light, too. Say goodbye to grainy grays with ultra-high resolution security cameras as well with 5- and 8- megapixel capabilities. You'll be able to see in the dark, with boosted color in high resolution. Beyond that, Turing AI cameras bring smart capabilities with intelligent infrared technology that boosts image resolution even further. You'll be able to see everything, from a raccoon getting suspiciously close to your garbage can to the mail carrier dropping a package at your door. You'll be able to search, see alerts and keep data stored in the cloud for analysis across your entire home security system. That's why these security cameras and recorders are the perfect foundation for creating your own Abt home security system.

The Platform

While the cameras capture the video, it's the platform, recording devices and UI that make the system both simple to use and powerful enough to capture all of the details. These NVRs (network video recorders) have smart search and powerful playback capabilities that make capturing and storing camera feeds simple. Meanwhile, the user interface makes it easy to find exactly what you want to see, making protection and detection easier than ever. See what's going on near the garage, the front door, the rear walkway and everywhere else: you'll know all about what's going on, and you can play it back via the NVR. Load video onto a flash drive to take anywhere or watch in place—whichever is best for your needs.

Home security is something that should be taken seriously, and that's why Abt custom security is proud to work with Turing AI. Explore these devices and our other services online and call our security department at 847.544.2274 . If you'd rather explore our other security products and build your smart home up from the ground, check out our other products like virtual assistants and video doorbells. And if you're hoping to build a complete smart home, check out our Learn Center's guide to home automation.


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