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Zagg Invisible Shield Screen Protectors

Zagg Invisible Shield Screen Protectors at Abt

You never leave home without your keys or your smartphone, but when those two things end up in the same pocket or purse, bad things can happen. Zagg InvisibleShield LCD screen protectors give your smartphone an extra layer of security against stray keys, pocket change and the myriad things that can assail its sensitive screen over the course of a busy day.

Originally created to protect the leading edge of military helicopter rotor blades from cuts and scratches in harsh environments, Zagg InvisibleShield was repurposed as a gadget screen protector. Its formidable nature makes it perfect for keeping the display on your smartphone, tablet and other electronics safe from unsightly scratches. Nano-Memory Technology makes every Zagg screen protector both flexible and super durable. So a Zagg iPad InvisibleShield installs like a vinyl sticker, but protects like a plate of armor.

Zagg InvisibleShield screen protectors are available for current iPad/iPhone/iPod models, various Android smartphones and tablets and a wide assortment of other devices.