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Zephyr Hoods and Custom Ventilation at Abt

Zephyr is the Leader in Kitchen Ventilation. Design. Innovation. Technology.


Best Selling Zephyr

When the rest of the industry was treating vent hoods as an afterthought, Zephyr saw an opportunity to make them centerpieces of kitchen design. Combining innovative technology and modern designs, Zephyr Hoods exist at the pinnacle of all kitchen venting options.

Among Zephyr's notable advancements is the DCBL Suppression System, which pioneered the use of direct current motors in kitchen vent hoods. The result is a vent hood which uses significantly less power than a traditional AC-powered unit, and is much quieter, even at a higher CFM-rating.

There's no better representation of Zephyr's vision than their iconic Europa Series: Professional grade power wrapped in an elegant skin that wouldn't be out of place hanging in a fine art gallery. Zephyr Hoods prove that a kitchen hood can do more than just vent air.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Great price and product came a day early.
Michelle G. - Chesterfield, MO
May 11, 2023