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Eco-Friendly, Next Generation Products of Tomorrow...Today!

Assortment of BTI products

BTI: Faucets, Hot Water Dispensers & Filters For The Future

When you turn on the faucet to make a cup of tea or refill a reusable water bottle, you might find it mundane. The engineers at BTI find it groundbreaking. These aqua-solution engineers are driven by a sense of responsibility for the world we all share, and design each of their products to be as eco-friendly as possible. That reusable bottle you filled up just eliminated an entire single-use plastic version, helping to keep contaminants out of our oceans, landfills, and wildlife preserves, and that process is their main focus.

Ditching single-use plastic bottles can help save families as much as $455 a year. And for these Colorado-based hydration specialists, those savings add up for each new client and product. BTI strives to create eco-friendly products that don't sacrifice quality in the name of the planet. And with a full suite of enviable products like shining sink fixtures and glowing hot water heaters, their gear is truly next-gen—by prioritizing the next generation (and future generations) of life here on Earth.

High-Speed Hot Water Dispensers

These green-minded engineers are most famous for their water dispensers that can deliver hot H2O instantly. There's no need to run the faucet for minutes at a time to achieve that high heat you need to start scrubbing down your pots and pans. Instead, just lift the handle on your faucet.

User-friendly and easy to adjust, BTI hot water dispensers are designed with convenience in mind. Seven preset temperatures allow you to choose between 167°-208°F, with just a tap on the soft-touch control panel. LED lights make the soft-touch control panel easy to read, while nearby buttons allow users to move the temperature up or down by three-degree increments. That extra level of precision could mean the difference between a perfectly steeped white, green, or black tea (all of which should be steeped at different temperatures).

Keep in mind that these heaters all have a low energy consumption compared to the competition—making these devices better for your home energy bill and the environment.

Stylish Fixtures & Filters

After your H2O dispenser is installed under the counter, take a hard look at your fixtures and faucet. If you picked it out over a decade ago, it might be time to look for a new version. Luckily, faucet are designed with those eco-friendly hot water dispensers in mind. Most fixtures are available in cold only, hot only, or cold/hot versions to suit your needs, but the hot and hot/cold versions feature a spring-back safety lever. Instead of automatically letting the knob or lever rest and have scalding H2O flow freely, it springs back—a great feature to have in a home with kids around. Choose from stylish finishes like shining chrome and brushed nickel.

Complete your new sink set-up with their specialized water filters. These BTI filters are designed to pull impurities like chlorine, lead, scale. sediment, odor, and more from your system, leaving you with a pure taste that can't be rivaled. And the best part? They're completely recyclable. Once yours is at the end of its lifetime, you won't find the filter floating around in the ocean.