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Lighting By Fox: Exquisite Chandeliers, Pendants, Wall Lights

Lights by Lighting By Fox
Lights by Lighting By Fox
Lights by Lighting By Fox
Lights by Lighting By Fox

Lighting by FOX carries a wide variety of lighting fixtures from quality manufacturers. Changing the lighting in a room is one of the effective ways to modify its atmosphere. While adding or removing furniture can be helpful in changing the feel of a room, adjusting the lighting has a more broader impact.

The positioning of lighting elements, their size, shape, and brightness, all have a direct impact on how we perceive each and every detail in a room. We interpret every wall decoration and seat, every surface and texture through the lens of light.

Consider the difference a carefully selected light fixture can make on a room when compared to a bare bulb or even when compared to a basic fixture from a big box store. Everything from the way it diffuses light to the shadows it casts can dramatically change the look and feel of a room.

Every room in your home and every illuminated outdoor area deserves a lighting solution that matches your vision for the space. Lighting by FOX provides the options you need to transform your living quarters into a home you love like a member of the family. Browse our comprehensive collection to find fixtures and accents. As simple as they may seem, your lighting choices will literally change the way you see the world. Let Lighting by FOX brighten your day, every day.

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  • 5 out of 5 stars
    My sales rep was kind with patience as we did the sale on the phone. Service sells! Great job ABT
    Gregory P. - Racine, WI
    April 18, 2022