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Nimble: All-Natural Materials, Recycling Electronics, and E-Waste-Neutral Goals

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When you buy a phone case for your new smartphone, are you at all worried about what's going to happen to your old one, or do you just toss it in the trash bin? Considering the other people who behave the same way, the planet is beginning to see a meteoric rise in e-waste (or electronic waste). With little education on recycling electronics and even less public infrastructure to support it, disposal is the natural behavior we tend toward.

The folks at Nimble want to change that. These engineers are devising new ways to combat the invisible problem of e-waste, and are spearheading initiatives to reduce as much electronic trash as possible—all while promoting recycling electronics in the tech industry. Oh, and creating their own long-lasting tech that's made to be better for the user (and the earth) in the long run.

Creative, Eco-Friendly Construction

With a little help from Mother Nature and reclaimed recycled electronics, the team at Nimble set out to create tech gear that would have a longer lifespan and perform better than other industry leaders. Explore their catalogue of products made from certified recycled plastic, like their phone case made completely from recycled CDs, or their braided cell phone cables; they're made from former water bottles and aluminum cans. Some of their products are even made with bioplastics. And they're designed to last longer than cheaply-made competitor products—meaning less e-waste in the long run.

Whatever eco-friendly material your new Nimble tech is made from, it's all delivered in packaging that's free of any plastics. Each box is packed with biodegradable scrap paper pulp, which safely cradles your new tech while it's on its way to you. Any print on their packaging is made from soy ink too, further decreasing any unnecessary environmental impact.

One-to-One E-Waste Recycling

Nimble has pledged to provide quality products that are long-lasting and fast-charging. Their newest commitment? Being e-waste neutral within one year. That means for every product they send out, they recycle another for a one-to-one ratio. And they've come up with an ingenious plan to reach that net-zero mark.

Their recycling electronics plan comes right to the buyer—every box comes complete with a bag for e-waste. Nimble encourages all customers to fill the bag with their unwanted tech, whether that's old headphones, an MP3 player, or an ancient GPS. Raid your junk drawer or computer desk and fill the bag with a full pound of recycling electronics, then close it up and send it on its way. Nimble pays for packaging and postage, so all you have to do is fill and send.

Go Green at Abt

The folks at Nimble aren't the only ones trying to turn the tide of e-waste. At Abt, we're committed to green initiatives across the entire spectrum of our business, whether we're drawing power from our rooftop solar array or using our rainwater collection system to irrigate the property. At our recycling center, you can turn in gear like TVs, small appliances, and computers. Check out our Green Initiatives page to learn more about recycling electronics.

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