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Roberto Coin Jewelry at Abt

A passion for Jewelry

Roberto Coin Rings
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Make a Fashion Statement in Roberto Coin Jewelry

Roberto Coin was founded in 1996 after the owner and namesake left his career as a hotel owner to pursue his love of fashion and art. Inspired by the work of historical Italian jewelry artisans, his creativity took its true shape in golds, silvers and colorful jewels. Roberto Coin calls Vicenza, Italy home, and it's this "City of Gold" and its ancestors from which the brand draws inspiration for its exquisite designs. Constantly experimenting and innovating with their pieces, Roberto Coin eventually caught the eye of the fashion world and are now among the most renowned jewelry brands worldwide for their high-quality products. The multicultural influences, perspectives and ideas designed into Roberto Coin's jewelry are what give each piece a unique identity. They are credited with beginning many successful trends in the fashion industry and Coin himself is admired for his tireless work, as he creates over 600 new pieces a year. His jewelry is even worn and loved by A-list celebrities and movie stars at Hollywood red carpet events. Additionally, Roberto Coin is transparent when it comes to sourcing their raw material throughout production; all metal, diamond and pearl origins are completely conflict-free through the Kimberley Process and follow the principles of environmental and social ethics. They even work with the Responsible Jewelry Council to ensure other jewelers in the industry follow these same practices.

Timeless Craftsmanship

One unique detail of Roberto Coin's jewelry is his signature ruby. Each piece of jewelry has a small ruby placed inside surrounded by an antique halo, which makes direct contact with the skin of those who wear the piece. This ruby is meant to represent Coin's good wishes for the passionate customers who choose to invest in his art. You can search for this ruby among Roberto Coin's wide assortment of bold necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets in gold, white gold and rose gold styles. The brand is sure to have something for you, as each collection is different and caters to all aesthetics and styles. If sophisticated necklaces are your preferred accessory, Tiny Treasures offers sparkling 18K gold and diamond pendants, while Diamonds by the Inch necklaces have a set of bezel set stones and delicate chains for a more feminine, whimsical look. If you enjoy adorning your fingers with your jewelry, the Symphony collection of rings is an ode to music with its striking yet simple design, while the Love in Verona collection features a glamorous four-petaled floral motif, diamonds and engravings. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, so try decorating your ears with Roberto Coin's eye-catching Perfect Diamond Hoops or a more minimalist set from the Classic Diamonds collection. If bangles and bracelets are your ideal form of bling, the Designer Gold collection has just the radiant piece for you, while the Venetian Princess collection uses a combination of black and white diamonds to elevate the elegance of each piece. This is just the beginning of the multi-faceted stone types, shapes, intricate patterns and charming aesthetics Roberto Coin provides to every individual looking for a little sparkle in their life. To inquire which collections and individual pieces Abt has to offer, you can speak to a member of our team at 800-860-3577.