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Zassenhaus: Kitchen Timers & Accessories

When it comes to culinary creations and big family dinners, measurements couldn't be more crucial. Unless you're an experienced chef (or a grandparent seasoned with the wisdom of the old country) you should be wary of gauging metrics only by eye. Instead, make sure your kitchen is equipped with everything you need to ensure each exciting recipe comes out of the oven perfectly. That includes specialized tools like measuring cups, spoons, meat thermometers, ambient thermometers and of course, the timer. Invest in a kitchen timer you can depend on with a model from Zassenhaus.

Why Go Retro?

These Zassenhaus kitchen cooking timers are a stylish addition to any home thanks to their analog style and professional look. And while their kitchen timers might look like they popped out of the '50s, they're built with the precision needed for modern cooking. These food experts began their business way before the ‘50s, too, with roots stretching back all the way to 1867 as sellers of steel goods and tools. They quickly grew to produce some of the first pepper mills, along with coffee knee mills and wooden kitchen accessories.

That far-reaching history covers over three centuries—older than most other technologies you can find in your home. This extensive level of experience gives Zassenhaus the edge when it comes to cooking accessories, and means that these products aren't truly “retro" necessarily—instead, they are perfected versions of innovations that Zassenhaus literally lived through. These engineers were making grinders when the first kitchen timer was invented in 1926 and they were able to see the original fan fly model spin against air resistance.

Custom Cook, Colorful Look

The modern Zassenhaus version of their kitchen timer might look like it was built over 50 years ago, but it's designed to help the modern home chef make dinner quickly and efficiently. Just add your prepped ingredients to the oven and set the timer. An easy-to-twist motion makes this alarm easy to set and change—If your dish needs a few more minutes in the oven, a short twist of the device's face will give that extra time. With a limit of 60 minutes, you'll be able to keep track of all but the longest-cooking briskets and turkeys. For foods like those, an internal meat thermometer is probably a better bet.

Before you ditch this device in favor of digital timers built directly into the oven or microwave (inferior because they're difficult to reset and can't leave the kitchen with you), consider the style factor. These stylish devices come in a full collection of shining colors including frosty mint green, baby blue, dark black and classic red. Look for one that matches your home's aesthetic for a completely harmonic look. To go full-blown retro, keep an eye out for other products with a mod yet colorful look—like small kitchen appliances from Smeg. Let these colorful toasters and coffee makers rest on your countertop for all to see for a look that's old school, but tech that couldn't be more convenient.

Keep in mind that this device doesn't have speakers like the alarm on your phone—many users recommend staying relatively close to it in order to hear its final chirp.

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Free shipping, excellent delivery service, and the price on the product was very competitive. Sales rep was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. What more can you ask.
Lawrence G. - Ellison Bay, WI
May 19, 2023