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Summer barbecue's, during holidays like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, and big celebrations like birthday parties are always better when they are centered on classic foods from an outdoor grill. Enjoy the social occasion of cooking and serving a variety of dishes outdoors with friends, family, coworkers, and more. Grilled brisket, hot dogs fresh off the smoker, and veggies roasted on a natural gas grill have a tremendous, smoky flavor that cannot be replicated indoors or even in some restaurants. For the best out of your food, the best parties, and the most enjoyable weekend dinners alone with the family, stock up your home with a top-of-the-line outdoor grill. We offer products in a wide variety of sizes, from sleek, portable grills to impressively grand natural gas grills and built-ins. Best of all, no backyard is necessary! Many of our grills are perfect for cozy patios, pool-sides, balconies, and even parking lots—the site of many company parties and municipal events. Click on the categories below to find the outdoor grill or BBQ grills you'd love to take home. We offer the best and latest from Weber, Broil King, Traeger, and more.

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    Browse our selection of outdoor grill styles like charcoal, propane, natural gas, wood pellet, and even smokers, from big name brands such as Viking Outdoor and Kamado Joe, including detailed reviews. A thorough search can help you find exactly what you've been looking for. Read about the amazing specs and features of every grill, and pay special attention to the most important details: the size, storage capabilities, portability options, controls, and fuel source. The latter is the most important consideration to make. The type of grill you want will depend first on what type of heat you want to use. If this wasn't a concern of yours, you'd just pop everything into an indoor oven, but that's no fun. You have to have an idea of what fuel source is best for what you like to cook.

    Here are details on a variety of products, like our top-of-the-line wood grills and BBQ grills for sale online. Each category can tell you about the advantages of grills that rely on the following 5 different fuel sources:

  • Liquid Propane - This is the most common fuel source of outdoor grills across America. Propane is an affordable and easy-to-use chemical that hooks up directly to many types of grills. Propane is perfect for all types of outdoor grilling and gets fires started quickly.
  • Wood - It takes a special outdoor grill to have the space and capability to hold a natural wood fire, but the benefits are outstanding. Cherry and mesquite wood, for example, add excellent flavor to meats, vegetables, and fish. It takes some skill to work with these fires, though.
  • Charcoal - Many seasoned grillers believe charcoal is the best fuel source for making classic BBQ meats, like brisket and ribs. Charcoal creates a smooth, even source of heat for high-quality results and a solid, smoky flavor that is undeniably American.
  • Natural gas - Natural gas is a cheap and easy fuel source that makes your outdoor grills versatile enough to cook "indoor foods," like steaks and scallops, with excellent results. It is neutral and does not flavor the food, which gives you control to make anything you grill taste any way you want.
  • Wood Pellets - Wood pellet grills and smokers rely on cheap and aromatic wood pellets, which are about the size of a bean but burn consistently for hours and pack on a rich, woodsy flavor. Just be sure to keep moisture away from these grills.

If you have more questions or require further assistance, our expert sales team that can help you identify exactly what you're looking for. Once you've selected a grill, don't forget to pick up the appropriate grilling accessories such as a grill brush, drip pan, grill cover, spatula, and everything else a grill master desires. It doesn't just take great appliances to make great food outdoors. You need to have the right tools for the job. But you can only get so far without our top-of-the-line appliances. These grills, smokers, and pits are built to make every chef or casual cook take their grilling skills to the next level. Don't worry about being on a budget-you can find plenty of great BBQ grills on sale above. Still having trouble deciding on a style that is right for your patio, deck, or other outside space? Be sure to check out this Outdoor Grill Buying Guide or leverage Abt's award winning customer service by giving us a ring at 888-228-5800.