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Take control of the air in your home with a quality Humidifier

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How does a Humidifier work?

Humidifier uses can vary from easing cold symptoms and allergy relief to simply raising the humidity levels in your home and in turn reducing heating costs in the winter. The most common air humidifiers are Evaporator Humidifiers and they work by circulating air that has been passed through a moistened filter back into the room. This type of humidifier contains a water reservoir and the filters can even help reduce common allergens in your home. Other humidifiers such as an Ultrasonic Humidifier, can be silent and work by causing high-frequency vibrations that produce a cool fog.

Choosing the right Humidifier for your space

Similar to Air Conditioners you want to make sure that you have the correct rating for your space. If your humidifier is too large for the room it can lead to problems such as mold, too small, and the humidity levels in the room may never reach an optimal range. Abt has a variety of humidifiers for sale ranging from furnace humidifiers that install into your heating system adding moisture all over your home to small single room humidifiers with auto shut-off features. Shop Abt and improve the air quality in your home during those dry winter months today!

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  • Great delivery service! Best company in the market doing this right now easily. I ordered same-day delivery and received with ample updates through the process. Great experience!
    May 5, 2020 - Sam I.
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