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Covered barbecue grill

Do I Need a Grill Cover?

Grill covers are a necessity and worth the investment. Here’s why, and what to look for when you're ready to purchase a grill cover.

Are Grill Covers Worth It?

Why purchase an outdoor grill cover? For the same reason you buy a camping tent—for protection against the elements of nature that can make the great outdoors not so great. Elements like nighttime critters, insects and bad weather can take you from communing with nature to scrambling for cover in a flash.
You rely on a tent to protect you and your nice camping gear and equipment. Sure, you can do without one. Sleeping by an open fire sounds like rustic fun—until you actually try it.
The same holds true for an outdoor grill—that nice cooking gear and equipment in your backyard. A cover protects an outdoor grill from all kinds of weather conditions and wildlife that can quickly age, mess with, or even damage your shiny grill.

Protect Your Grill

Most homeowners leave their grill outside year-round, exposed to elements day in and day out. In summer, a grill bakes in the heat and sunlight. In winter, it stands dormant, largely unused and snow-covered for long stretches. (It makes sense to keep it outside. It frees up space in your garage or shed.) Spring and fall are marked by seasonal change, which brings driving rain and wind.
Those are just weather-related dangers to your grill. There’s a host of other culprits lurking about outside. Here are some that can mess with or harm your grill:
Elements Types Potential risks to the grill
Weather Sun, wind, snow, rain, hail, heat, humidity & moisture Hail damage to your grill's shiny exterior. Water spots. Rust and corrosion to metal parts of your grill. Damage to electrical wiring. A flooded interior. Mold in the interior and in parts. Potential gas leak.
Wildlife Insects, bees & wasps Bug infestations. Beehives.
Birds & mice Bird droppings. Nests in the interior of the grill. Damage to electrical wiring.
Animals & critters Defecation. Contamination. Nests.
Trees & plants Sap, pine needles, leaves, & twigs and branches Cosmetic damage to the grill’s exterior and harm to the interior mechanisms.
Backyards & lawns Lawn chemicals & fertilizers, pool chemicals Corrosion to grill parts.
Dirt, air particles & food residue Dust & pollen Cosmetic damage to the exterior. Harm to the interior, such as mold from moisture, grease and food residue.

Why a Grill Cover is a Smart Buy

A cover does more than protect your grill; it protects your investment in it, too. A quality grill is a major purchase and should look and perform like new for as long as possible.
It may be difficult to tack on another expense to your grill purchase but the right grill cover pays dividends by extending the life of your grill by years, potentially even decades. Using a properly fitted, quality grill cover, combined with routine cleaning of your grill, turns your purchase into a long-term investment that you can enjoy for many meals to come.
A grill cover also keeps a grill looking great. A shiny exterior will lose its luster if it’s exposed to outdoor elements like harsh sunlight, water, dirt and wind. A cover prevents fading, water spots, dings, scratches and other cosmetic damage to a grill’s attractive exterior.
A cover also makes cleaning the grill easier. Its protective layer keeps outdoor intruders like insects and water from creeping and seeping into the grill’s interior, leaving behind nests, debris, mold and other damage. Simply removing the grill cover to cook clears away leaves, snow and backyard debris in one fell swoop.

Choosing a Cover That Meets Your Needs

Covers are a good idea for all types outdoor grills, regardless of style, size, quality or cost. Most covers are easily stored in a your grill’s built-in compartment while the grill is in use.
There are several things to consider before choosing a cover that’s right for you. A lot depends on how often you grill and where you plan to use and store your grill. And things like your local climate and whether your grill gets direct sunlight also will factor into your decision.
Abt offers a large choice of grill covers—from affordable to high-end to very high-end—to meet your needs. Colors come in black, grey and beige. Our brands include Broil King, Coyote, Hestan, Kamado Joe, Lynx, Napoleon, Traeger, Viking and Weber.

Essential Features of a Grill Cover


It’s best to find a cover that fits your particular grill model. A full-length, custom cover from your grill manufacturer will fit snugly, stay on in the wind, protect against the elements of nature and extend the life of your grill. Fastening straps or cords keep the cover tight.


Most people who buy a grill also purchase a protective cover for it. High-quality, custom materials, such as water-repellent vinyl or woven polyester fabrics, provide the best protection from outdoor elements and help extend the life of the cover.
Some people opt for less expensive alternatives, such as a generic nylon cover or tarp. But loosely fitting covers, and those that take effort to put on and take off, have their drawbacks. They can provide less protection, particularly in harsh storms, and are less appealing to use on a regular basis.


Particularly if you live in a humid climate or use your grill infrequently, look for a cover with air vents. They guard against trapped moisture and let your grill breathe.
Whether or not you opt for air vents, it’s wise to remove a cover periodically from a grill that is not used often or exposed to humidity and moisture. It lets air circulate about the grill and keeps it dry. If you’re not careful, a cover can trap moisture, which can lead to rust, mold and bacteria forming on and inside the grill.

Sun protection

If your grill is exposed to the sun, look for a cover that provides UV protection. UV protection helps keep your cover from cracking, leaking and fading.


Maintenance is easy: just remove the cover, hose it down and leave it to dry. Using mild soap to wash it is always a good idea. Good maintenance will help extend the life of the cover and keep the grill’s exterior looking shiny.

Contact Abt

Ready to order your grill cover? Reach out by calling Abt at 800-860-3577 or browse our many grill covers online.
You can also upgrade your current grilling setup with Abt’s many grilling accessories, including tools, utensils, extra cabinets, heat-resistant gloves, cookware and even cookbooks.