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The Best Floor Speakers of 2024

When you're looking for true sound, a little wireless speaker just won't do. Create the most impressive stereo system for your space with the best floor speakers of 2024 from Abt. Our in-house audiophiles have pulled their favorite picks, from top-tier tech to more affordable models. If you're looking to hear your music at its absolute best, check out our choices below.
Two floorstanding speakers in a hallway. Between them is a white wall with solid colorful framed paintings.

Which Floorstanding Speaker Is Right For Me?

It's a tough question to answer, but start with the obvious and consider whether you'll be using these for: music or home theater. Or is it Hi-Fi listening or streaming? Maybe a combination? Some models specialize in different features that might work best for different purposes. Next, consider your budget. These can get expensive quickly, and make sure you're aware that many products are priced as each: if you want two, you'll often have to purchase two separate units unless they're sold as a pair. Finally, there are tech components to consider, like impedance, sensitivity, frequency response and driver size. Those are all features we took into account when we chose our best floor speakers of 2024.

Best Budget Full Range Floorstanding Speaker

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The Klipsch RP8000 sports the beauty of the Reference Premiere series in a floor speaker that brings upgraded sonic style to any space. A one-inch titanium tweeter, dual 8-inch Cerametallic woofers and the ability to add an Atmos speaker make this pick both easy to enjoy and flexible for bi-amp and wired connections. This one easily makes our list of the best floor speakers of 2024, making a statement in both sound and style thanks to the copper-hued cerametallic woofers. Minimal distortion and maximum audio efficiency, along with the impressive Klipsch name, make this speaker a great pick for any home.

Best Slimline Floorstanding Speaker

The newest iteration of Bowers & Wilkins' celebrated 700 series, the 704S3 is an amazingly realistic speaker that is well suited for both movies and two-channel music playback. It includes their carbon dome tweeters, which deliver up to 47kHz, along with a dedicated 5-inch Continuum cone midrange driver, plus two 5-inch woofers for low frequency response that extends to 48 Hz with no roll-off. B&W has also improved the physical design of the speaker, resulting in a refined, furniture-grade finish that looks as beautiful as it sounds. While the speakers demand a robust amplifier to perform at their peak, they can easily be driven by a conventional high current receiver or integrated amp as well. 

Best Floorstanding Speaker For Home Theater

Fusing their classic look with boundless sound and futuristic French-made technology, the Focal Vestia N°2 floorstanding loudspeaker delivers true finesse in every instrument. Within are a combination of Focal's top technologies, like their Slatefiber cone, a French-made non-woven carbon fiber material for extra rigidity, lightness and improved damping. Meanwhile, their M-shaped inverted dome TAM tweeter brings the highs in a way you've never heard before. The aluminum and magnesium alloy increases rigidity for even further decreased distortion. The result is a beautiful treble that was crafted by artisans. Finally, frontal and rear vents bring even more impact to every beat. That's reflexivity that moves with the audio, all for a model that lands its spot on our list of the best floor speakers of 2024.

Best Floorstanding Speaker For Music

This floorstanding speaker by MartinLogan showcases high-tier performance in a listening experience you won't get from a smaller speaker—all at a budget-friendly price. MartinLogan's Foundation series is crafted to bring better sound into more homes at lower prices, all while keeping quality up. You'll hear the brand's historically grand sound thanks to features like their folded motion tweeters, which pack more surface area into a smaller space than traditional technologies. Upgrade with the F2's midrange and bass drivers, both made from aluminum for boosted clarity and powerful, detailed output.

Best Amplified Floorstanding Speaker

Rounding out our choices for the best floor speakers of 2024, the KEF LS60 HiFi speakers are sold as a complete pair. The dual range floorstanding models put out sound that rivals much larger, pricier picks, too. With a frequency response of 26Hz - 36kHz, both extreme low and high frequencies are conveyed with ease. The speakers include a 500WPC class D amp for low frequency, a 100 WPC class D amp for midrange, and a 100 WPC class A/B amp for high frequencies. This pair even supports modern streaming from sources like Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Qobuz and Deezer. This KEF Pair comes as a Roon-ready solution for anyone seeking full, natural sound from diminutive speakers, too. The fact that they are available in four colors (titanium gray, carbon black, mineral white and royal blue) is icing on the cake and helps them fit perfectly into any home's style.

The Best Floor Speakers at Abt

With decades of experience in audio, our team of specialists has narrowed down their faves of the year to the models above. From budget-friendly to all-out high fidelity, we've got the right model for your needs. Order online and complete your set-up with help from great amplifiers, turntables and more for the sound system of your dreams. However, there's nothing like listening to something live, and we do have some of our favorite speakers out on the floor for testing. Local shoppers, come in to our Chicagoland store and try out some of the picks that made our list of the best floor speaker of 2024. Alternatively, get more info by reading up online with our speaker buying guide article or bring your questions to our specialists at 800-860-3577.