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Car Video Player Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy mobile video system.

Getting Started

At Abt, we understand that long road trips can seem longer without any form of entertainment. People today want more than to play license plate bingo and video entertainment in the car has become a popular choice for mobile entertainment.
It is important to note that Mobile video units (non-navigational) are for Back Seat Passengers only. The laws vary from state to state so make sure you check your local laws before committing to one system or another. Below, we have created a glossary of terms to help you on your search for Mobile video products. If you feel you need further assistance please contact our knowledgeable sales staff at 800-860-3577.


Abt carries a wide variety of Mobile video products. There are currently three types of mobile video products: Overhead Systems, Headrests, and In-Dash Systems.

Overhead Systems

These systems can be mounted flush to the ceiling of almost any kind of vehicle. While the installation for this system is the most complex of the three types, it is also the least conspicuous and the most space saving. In most cases, the "pod" is mounted in place of the dome light and has a foldaway 6.8 to 13-inch LCD screen. When you're ready to head out on your trip, just flip down the screen and press "play".

Headrest Systems

As an option for entertainment, LCD screens, 5.8 to 7inches, can be installed in your vehicle's factory headrests. Installing an LCD screen in a headrest can increase viewing capability for passengers traveling in the rear seats of a vehicle. Multiple screens can allow viewers to watch more than one source at a time.

In-Dash Systems

In-Dash Systems provide an LCD viewing screen that will be located, as the name suggests, in the dashboard of your car. Similar to a GPS navigation screen, In-Dash Systems let you watch movies, play music, and in some cases give you access to GPS navigation. These screens are typically around 7-9 inches wide. There is one downside with In-Dash Systems, and that is that they are designed with the front-passengers in mind. This means that videos will only play when the car is parked.

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