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Garage Organization Tips and Tricks for Homeowners and Renters

If you are one of those homeowners or renters who has a two-car garage filled with clutter, while both cars stay parked in the driveway? Well, you're not alone. Abt's garage organization tips will help you take advantage of the space and minimize clutter.
Garage Wall with Organizers and Shelving

How to Start Organizing Your Garage

Homeowners tend to accumulate so much stuff in their garage, from gardening tools to golf clubs, that there's not much room to fit even one car. At best, it's packed with bins and boxes. At worst, it's an obstacle course and a scavenger hunt.
But it doesn't have to be this way. You can free up room for your car or even create some extra space to make into a home gym. Ready to get your garage back? Here are some easy garage organization tips and tricks for homeowners and renters.

Make a Plan

Make a plan for how you want to organize the garage. Do you need extra room for sports equipment? Do you have the space to hang anything from the ceiling? Consider where some shelving or cabinets can be installed, too.

Assess Items and Donate

First things first: Get everything out of the garage. More than likely, you'll locate some long-lost items in your garage that you didn't even know were there. If it's something you're thrilled to find, great! But also consider whether it's something you actually missed. If it's not, donate it so someone else can get some use out of it.
Getting rid of unused items will reduce the clutter, giving you more organizational space to work with inside your garage.
Garage with Garage Organization System

Add a Garage Organization System

Now that you've cleared the clutter and taken inventory, take note of what's left and determine how you'd like to store certain items inside the garage. These could be anything from large bicycles and kayaks to a stack of paint cans you need for touch-ups around the house.
With some masking tape, plan out zones for a garage organizational system where things will go, as well as areas along the floor and walls where some shelves or cabinets can be added. If they are being mounted to the wall, make sure to locate the studs to which you'll fasten them.
Also, keep in mind how frequently you use each object, allowing you and family members to retrieve it easily if it's commonly used. And be sure to group similar things together, placing items such as sports equipment in one area and home repair tools in another. It will help you visually locate items faster. You can even label shelves and cabinets if you choose.
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Make Space for a Workbench

If you have the square footage, make space for a garage workbench. A workbench gives you a place to make minor repairs, tackle a variety of home projects, or even practice a hobby like woodworking. Nearby, keep a pegboard to hang power tools and other supplies. Be sure to choose a comfortable stool and consider having a utility cart you can roll out of the garage for projects that should be done outdoors, like sanding and painting.

Create a Mudroom

Mudrooms are a wonderful addition to a home, but not everyone has one conveniently tucked inside their entryway. However, you can always create a makeshift mudroom in your garage! Next to the door that enters your home, place a small shelf to house the things you don't want to bring inside. Install some hooks for wet coats, hats, and umbrellas, and be sure to keep a boot tray nearby to catch mud and melting snow.

Make a Pet-Friendly Area

If you have a dog who loves to roll around and get dirty, designate an area to clean them off, too. A utility sink is a great addition to a garage and can be used to wash off caked-on mud before they're allowed in the house. Nearby, you can hang their leashes and keep a secured storage bin for their food.

Make a Trash and Recycling Station

Have an area set up for your trash and recycling so that it doesn't have to stay in the house. It's also a great way to ensure your car stays clean, by making it easy to throw away coffee cups, receipts, and other typical car trash—right when you park in your newly-cleaned garage.
Discover a clever garage organization tip for your home? Ultimately, the trick is to take advantage of every inch of space–from the height of the ceiling to deep walls. This way, you can drive right in. Now, wouldn't that be nice?