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Home Gym and Weight Machine Buying Guide

Home Gym and Weight Machine Buying GuideHome Gym and Weight Machine Buying Guide

Getting Started

The purpose of a home gym is providing a full gym experience from the comfort of your very own home. For those who have the time and space, home gyms prove to be convenient and can be excellent investments. Typically including a little bit of everything, home gyms mimic all forms of individual workout equipment. Features may include curl bars with a cable attachment for different weight levels, benches, leg developers, free weights, cable crossovers and more. As such, home gyms are quite often more expensive than your average workout equipment.
Meanwhile, weight machines focus solely on weight lifting functions. These machines will include adjustable weight systems with pulleys and cables, and often will include a bench for weight lifting. In most cases, they'll be far less complex than a home gym, but may look similar, although somewhat pared down.
Purchasing either of these machines is a highly complex process. You'll have a long list of things you'll want to consider, particularly given that many home gyms and weight machines focus on a variety of different exercise goals. If you're looking for weight loss, your best option to go for is a home gym, seeing they will help you with all forms of workout goals, including cardio exercises, strength building and aerobic exercises.
Let's consider each of these machine types.

What Are Home Gyms and Weight Machines

Home Gyms

Home Gyms As stated, home gyms are a great option for those who desire a full gym experience from the comfort and convenience of their very own home. Those that want to avoid the gym while still getting a regular, daily workout will surely benefit from investing in a home gym. You'll find that a home gym features almost everything you'd enjoy at a public gym.
Home gyms come in many shapes and sizes, but all will take up a considerable amount of space, and may require assembly. It's important to mention that home gyms are not always safe, especially for homes with children. Considering the long list of potential features a home gym may feature, you'll want to pick a gym that suits your exercise goals, so pay close attention to the following: number of gym/weight lifting options, price, ease of use, and size/required space.

Weight Machines

Weight Machines A weight machine can significantly benefit anyone who wants to work on strength building from the comfort of their own home. Weight machines are great because they offer a full strength-building suite in one package, in turn eliminating the need for sets of dumbbells, barbells, and weight plates. The cost of a weight machine is often higher than purchasing individual weight sets, for example, but many find an all in one solution to be extremely beneficial.
You'll find that weight machines offer a distinct advantage, which is providing more control over your weightlifting. Additionally, you'll want to concern yourself with safe use when operating these machines, just as you would with home gyms. While weight machines are beneficial, they can be a hazard when used incorrectly, especially around children. When you're ready to purchase your ideal weight machine, consider the same things you would with a home gym: number of workout options, price, ease of use, and size/required space.

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