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VESA Standard for TV Mounts: The Essential Guide

The VESA Mounting Standard is a set of regulations for monitor and TV mounts that many brands follow. It defines the distance between the mounting holes on the back of a TV, so it's important to understand how the standard works before making a purchase.

What is the VESA Standard?

VESA Standard refers to the regulations that most TV stands follow for mounting purposes. VESA is an acronym that stands for Video Electronics Standards Association, a group of companies that have established standards amongst consumer electronics, including the mounting hole patterns on the backs of televisions. These standards can also be referred to as the VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) or Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI). Most major TV brands follow these standardized screw-hole placements.
Mounting a TV to a Wall

How do I find the VESA size of my TV?

Typically, your television's user manual or the manufacturer website will include this information. If not, you can easily find the VESA size on your own by doing the following: measure the horizontal distance between the centers of the left and right screw holes for the first measurement. Then, measure the vertical distance between the centers of the top and bottom screw holes for the second measurement. It's important to note that VESA sizes are most often expressed in millimeters. So, if the distance between your TV's mounting holes is 400mm across and 200mm high, its VESA size is 400x200.

What are the VESA Standard Classifications?

The VESA Standard classifications are MIS-B, MIS-C, MIS-D, MIS-E AND MIS-F. The most common of these standards are MIS-D, MIS-E AND MIS-F.

How do I Choose a Wall Mount?

Most TV wall mounts fall into one of two categories: X-frame or H-frame. X-frame TV mounts are better suited for devices with square VESA sizes (like 400x400), whereas H-frames are more versatile thanks to their adjustable arms, which can accommodate a wider range of VESA sizes.

What is the Standard VESA Screw Size?

Screw size will vary depending on the VESA size of your television. M4 screws are typically used with smaller sizes (under 200 mm). M6 screws are the common choice for 200x200 televisions and M8 screws are for even larger screens.
VESA Standard Hole Pattern Screw Size Screen Size Monitor Weight
FDMI MIS-B 50 x 20 mm M4 x 6 mm 4"-7.9" ≤ 4.4 lbs
FDMI MIS-C 75 x 35 mm M4 x 8 mm 8"-11.9" ≤ 10 lbs
FDMI MIS-D 75 x 75 mm or 100 x 100 mm M4 x 10 mm 12"-23.9" ≤ 30.8 lbs
FDMI MIS-E 200 x 100 mm M4 x 10 mm 24"-30.9" ≤ 50 lbs
FDMI MIS-F 200 mm increments M6 x 8 mm ; M6 x 10 mm; M8 x 15 mm ≥ 31" ≤ 250 lbs

In Summary

Understanding the VESA Standard makes shopping for TV mounts and mounting your television much easier. Once you've determined your television's VESA size, you will be able to find a compatible wall mount. If you still have questions about the VESA standard or if a particular mount is compatible with your television, reach out to an Abt television expert at 800-860-3577.