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Waffle Maker Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a waffle maker.
Getting Started
Waffles are more than just a breakfast treat. They can be a dessert, an afterschool snack, or dinner. For some, Sunday waffles are a tradition, for others, an awesome treat. It doesn't matter which category you fit in, waffles can be for everyone.

Previously, waffle makers were bulky, unreliable, and hard to clean. Now, they are smaller, easy to clean, and make delicious waffle after waffle.
Storage Space
Some waffle makers are larger than others, like Belgium waffle makers, likewise with ones that produce multiple waffles at once. Other waffle makers are smaller, only producing a few waffles at a time. If space is a concern for you, consider a smaller waffle maker with a retractable cord.

If you are planning to match your waffle maker with the rest of your kitchen, consider what color you will want. A brushed stainless steel waffle maker will go with everything, while a red one may not.

Waffle Shape
Do you want square, triangle, or round waffle? Depending on the type of maker you buy, you most certainly could have different shapes of waffles. Some makers even mold the waffle into a cartoon shape.

Cook Setting
A factory setting isn't always the best setting for your waffle. Try making a few until you get the consistency or crispness you are looking for.

Are you afraid if you buy a waffle maker it will be a hassle to clean? Don't be. They are easier to clean than ever. Most are non-stick and some have removable pieces for easier cleaning.

Other Things to Consider...
Don't think of a waffle maker as just a waffle maker anymore. Look for extra features like a multi-purpose waffle maker. Some are capable of making sandwiches or Panini's as well as waffles. Some come with the ability to make "dippable" waffles by inserting a stick into the batter while they are cooking. An extra feature that may come with your waffle maker is a cookbook.