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Waffle Maker Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a waffle maker.

Getting Started

A waffle maker is a great way to upgrade your kitchen without buying a large or costly appliance. Waffle makers don’t take up much space on your counter and can even be stored in a drawer or cabinet if you like to keep your counters clear. The right waffle maker will make every meal more fun and convenient. You can make golden brown waffles for a fun weeknight treat or whip up a big batch for Sunday brunch with friends. With modern features, this compact kitchen appliance is designed to be easy to use while helping you make picture-perfect waffles. Most options come with a stainless steel finish, making this small appliance an attractive addition to your kitchen.

Choosing Your Waffle Maker

Before you make your purchase, there are a few things to consider. Is there a particular brand you're loyal to? We offer appliances from a range of top brands like Breville so you can pick your favorite. If you're working with limited kitchen space, a compact model or one that can make more than just waffles might be helpful. Do you prefer your waffles round or square, soft or crispy? Do you love thick, soft Belgian waffles or are thinner classic waffles your favorite? If you have small children at home, an option with a locking handle will prevent them from touching the hot cooking plates, while also keeping your waffle secure while it cooks. Once you’ve determined what you want in your appliance, it will be much easier to shop.


Waffle makers come loaded with features to customize your cooking experience. Many models let you control the doneness of your waffle, going from lightly crispy to golden brown with the turn of a dial. If you tend to burn your food, you might want one that beeps when your waffles are done cooking. Most waffle irons will have a light that illuminates when preheating is done or indicates the iron is ready. Newer models feature an integrated moat that captures batter overflow to keep messes to a minimum and ensure perfect waffles every time.
You should also consider the workload you expect from your new gadget. If you have a family of four or entertain often, you should probably opt for a model that makes multiple waffles sim; making more waffles at once greatly reduces your cooking time so you can get breakfast on the table faster. We carry options to create two large Belgian waffles simultaneously or four square waffles, to name a few. If you live alone, a single-waffle machine is probably enough for your needs.
Waffle irons are versatile in that they can be used for more than just waffles. Add frozen hash browns to your iron to make them not only crispy and golden, but surprisingly portable for a delicious hand-held experience. You can also experiment with different types of batter; brownie batter makes delicious dessert waffles that you can top with ice cream and sprinkles for a fun treat for the kids. Use cornbread batter for savory cornbread waffles that you can serve topped with butter, cheese, or salsa. You can even make grilled cheese by setting your bread directly on the cooking plate and topping with your favorite cheese and another slice of bread. No matter what you’re craving, your waffle iron can get it done.

Cook Setting

A factory setting isn't always the best setting for your waffle. Try making a few until you get the consistency or crispness you are looking for.

Waffle Shape

Your waffle maker should be a fun, convenient addition to your kitchen. That means it should also easily fit on your countertop or in a cabinet without causing clutter. If you have a small kitchen or limited counter space, a single-waffle model might be a better fit. A vertical waffle iron is particularly convenient as it stands upright to take up less square footage on your counter. Large kitchens typically have more counter space to better fit larger waffle makers that can make up to four waffles at once. Of course, if you prefer your countertop appliances to be more compact, you can still opt for a smaller model.

Storage Space

Don't think of a waffle maker as just a waffle maker anymore. Look for extra features like a multi-purpose waffle maker. Some are capable of making sandwiches or Panini's as well as waffles. Some come with the ability to make "dippable" waffles by inserting a stick into the batter while they are cooking. An extra feature that may come with your waffle maker is a cookbook.


Waffle makers are available at various price points to fit your budget. With multiple options under $100, you can enjoy restaurant-quality breakfasts without breaking the bank. If you're willing to splurge, you can also choose from high-end models with all the latest features, perfect for the kitchen gadget lover or the experienced home cook.

Cleaning Your Waffle Maker

Modern waffle makers are incredibly easy to clean. Most feature a nonstick surface, but if you want to be certain that big chunks of waffle won't cling to the plates, you can use cooking spray as well. Make sure your waffle maker has completely cooled before you start cleaning, to avoid burning yourself or damaging the appliance. You can use a dry or slightly damp paper towel or cloth to remove crumbs or excess oil. If there is food residue stuck in the crevices of the cooking plate, you can also try a cotton bud. The exterior can be wiped down with a damp cloth as well. Some models feature removable plates that can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher for deep cleaning. Ensure the interior and exterior of your waffle iron are completely dry before putting it away. Consult your waffle maker's instruction manual for further direction.

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