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Wireless Speaker System Buying Guide

A comprehensive guide that will give you all the information you need on how to buy a new wireless speaker system.
Abt Electronics: Speaker Buying Guide Video
Abt Electronics: Speaker Buying Guide
Abt Electronics: Speaker Buying Guide Video Abt Electronics: Speaker Buying Guide Video
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Getting Started

There are wires scattered all across the floor. Trying to hide them under your living room rug doesn't do much to cover them up. Like a bunch of slithering snakes they wrap around your couch and coffee table. You try walking around them, tip-toeing carefully so you don't catch one on your foot and fall. Sounds like a horror movie, but setting up a surround sound system with all kinds of speaker wire can be a nightmare. At Abt Electronics we have the perfect solution-- wireless surround sound systems. They utilize special receivers that let you do away with all those long wires that get in the way.

Where It All Begins

One of the most important aspects of a wireless surround sound system is the main receiver. This is what all your components connect to, and it allows the signal to travel to the speakers throughout the room. Some receivers have built-in CD/DVD drives that can hold anywhere from 1 to 40 movies or music CDs. Connecting to your television and choosing what you want to listen to or watch is a snap.

Speakers: No Strings Attached

The wireless systems come with six different speakers. In front of the listener are the center channel and the left and right speakers. These front speakers are connected to the main receiver, but since they are located near your television, they do not need to be wireless. The subwoofer is also connected by one cable and rests behind the television or off to the side to conserve space.
The wireless speakers are the left surround and the right surround, which rest behind you. A small, wireless receiver box connects to a power outlet and sends the signal to the two rear speakers. This setup eliminates running speaker wires from your receiver to your rear speakers.

S-AIR Technology

The Sony brand wireless systems come with a new patented technology called "S-Air." S-Air, also known as AirStation, is a proprietary technology from Sony that is supposed to make setting up and sharing your music among your S-AIR compatible sound devices a snap. This new technology allows you to set up speakers wirelessly in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and anywhere else you listen to music. AirStation automatically syncs to allow multi-room listening through simple, wireless plug-and-play technology while letting you control what you listen to.
Since it is a Sony product, the S-Air technology that comes with the Sony wireless systems is only compatible with Sony speakers. This provides the best sound quality and functionality for your home.


Wireless surround sound systems are fairly new, so they are compatible with the latest, most sophisticated televisions and components. The main receiver has a few special features that keep everything working to perfection. HDMI slots on the receiver allow you to connect to your HD television and have other components connect to the receiver while still keeping the optimum quality for both sound and picture. Since HDMI is an option on the wireless systems, your DVD movies are automatically upconverted to HD quality.
Some receivers have a built-in tuner which allows you to listen to AM/FM radio through the speakers and have your favorite radio stations playing anywhere in your home. Some wireless systems also come with an iPod dock that allows you to connect your iPod and listen to the music stored on it.

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