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7 Living and Shopping Essentials Found at Abt

I had no idea I needed a watermelon-decorated watermelon knife, until I saw one at Abt.

Posted by Stan Golovchuk | July 24, 2013

I grew up on the North Shore in a family that bought most, if not all, its appliances from Abt. I remember when Abt was on Waukegan Road in Morton Grove. I got my first Diskman from Abt, my ears have never forgiven me.

As a boy, the rows of televisions, electronics and saltwater marine life captured my imagination. As an adult, Abt manages to be cooler than ever. I can actually buy stuff now.

So in a nod to my favorite family owned appliance and electronics store, here's a look at the seven living and shopping essentials you never knew you'd need until you found them at Abt.

Technically, your car's parking break needs to be engaged for this to play a DVD movie, but we've all driven past those cars who've found a dangerous way around that.

Settle down with a calming swim with some saltwater fish. Just don't bring any plugged appliances in with you.

You don't want your neighbors to think you're a bandwagon fan, do you?

This watch is made of solid gold, filled with a gas that makes the watch glow and costs about $15K.

Move a cord to adjust the weight of this dumb bell, and one day tell your grandchildren about the golden age of cordless weightlifting.

This life size Thomas Edison keeps you company while you shop for watches you can't afford.

Full disclosure: I bought one of these as soon as I saw it...

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