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Holiday Cooking Gadgets

The items shown today:

Ways to expand your cooking capacity if you don't have a double oven or enough burners on your stove.

  • Waring Pro Extra Burner

    • Portable extra burner
    • Plugs into a regular outlet
    • Big enough for larger pots
    • Great for boiling potatoes, making pasta, boiling water for tea
  • Waring Countertop Convection Oven

    • Like adding another oven to your kitchen
    • Sits on the counter, stores in your basement when you're not using it
    • Bake your sweet potato casserole or your pumpkin pie in here
    • Has a rotisserie — so if you serve a second meat in addition to turkey, here's where you can make your beef tenderloin or ham or leg of lamb

Gadgets to help you cook ahead

  • iSi Dessert and Cream Whipper

    • Makes fresh whipped cream in minutes stays fresh for 2 weeks
    • Better than canned whipped cream
    • Easier than hauling out your full size and only having it last for 6 hours
    • No oxygen in the container so it doesn't spoil or lose its texture
    • Heavy cream, vanilla, powdered sugar and a propellant cartridge
  • Zojirushi Breadmaker

    • The Lexus of bread machines
    • Nothing better than homemade bread on a holiday
    • Bakes a large rectangular-shaped 2 lb loaf of bread so you look like a pro
    • Instead of vertical loaf like most bread machines
    • Two paddles with twice the kneading power
  • All-Clad Slow Cooker

    • Actually fits into the first category too frees up oven and stove space
    • Great for getting some of your dishes out of the way early in the day
    • Sweet potato casserole, squash soup, chestnut soup, carrot soup
    • Or put your mashed potatoes in here after they're cooked to stay warm
    • Serve in the cooker on your buffet
    • Or take the porcelain insert out and put it on your holiday table

Help for making the perfect turkey

  • Rosle Gourmet Thermometer

    • Very accurate, battery-operated
    • Illuminated digital temperature display
    • Put the probe in, get temperature almost instantly
    • Not just for your turkey roasts, candies, deep-frying
  • All-Clad Solid Cast Stainless Steel Rotisserie Set

    • Fabulous for making your holiday turkey, ham, standing rib roast
    • Stainless steel roastig pan comes with non-stick rack and turkey lifters
    • Holds up to a 26-pound bird
    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Can also use it to make a 7-layer lasagna or baked mostaccioli for a large family gathering deeper than your everyday pyrex pan

Help for CARVING the perfect turkey

  • John Boos Professional Cutting Board

    • Made in Effingham in central Illinois
    • There really was a John Boos — founder's son
    • White House uses John Boos cutting boards
    • Highest quality Vermont hard maple
    • Good for knives, lasts a lifetime
    • Available in different sizes, with grooves and without
  • Shun Carving Set

    • Razor-sharp carving knife and carving fork
    • Made in Japan, samurai craftsmanship
    • Makes perfect slicing easy, and makes you look like an artist

Mixing and cleaning time-savers

  • Rosle Dual Speed Milk & Sauce Frother

    • Battery-operated and pencil-thin
    • Fast speed for milk, slow speed for sauces and vinaigrette
    • Save your wrist - whip up a salad dressings in seconds before dinner
    • After dinner, make cappuccinos by frothing a cup of warm milk for 45 seconds and adding to a strong cup of coffee
  • Kitchen-Aid Immersion Blender

    • Mash potatoes, puree soup no need to pull out, use and clean your Cuisinart
    • All pieces are dishwasher-safe except lower component with motor
    • Great for smoothies the day after Thanksgiving when you start your diet

On the table

  • Peugeot Elis Electric Salt & Pepper Mills

    • Freshly ground sea salt and ground pepper
    • 3 grinds for salt, 6 grinds for pepper
    • Acrylic section for easy viewing of contents
    • Illuminated on the bottom so you can see how much is going on the food

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