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Panasonic Plasma Windmill


Contact: Arturo
Company Name: i^3
T: 312.645.0303
F: 312.645.0373
Email: [email protected]

Chicago, Illinois, October 2004.

New multi-screen piece has been completed by Arturo at post-production facility I^3 for the Panasonic Windmill at Abt Electronics in Glenview, IL.

Creating the new images posed some challenges for Arturo. The display consists of four 42" plasma screens that rotate. A series of live action images made up of both high definition and standard definition footage flows from screen to screen. "The task was to compose and choreograph the piece while taking into account the rotation of the windmill." Says Arturo. "We also wanted to create a piece that integrates with the environment it's in - one that is relevant to its location in the atrium at Abt Electronics."

When Robert Abt, CEO of Abt electronics built a new store a few years ago, the windmill, designed by Matsushita engineers was installed in the stores atrium. Abt felt the windmill would work well as a draw to customers. Abt store designer, Bob Taylor designed an archway as a center post behind a 60-foot-high water fountain specifically to showcase it. It is the only one of it's kind in the world.

Abt wants to entertain and excite people who visit the store. In response to the new images Bob Abt said, "It's terrific! I've received a lot of great comments. I like how it's flavored with the local scene."

"The windmill is a big attraction." Says Vice President Jon Abt. "We're thrilled with the new content and i^3's work. We're excited to display it for our customers. It's a very dynamic piece."

Abt Electronics is the largest single-store appliance and consumer electronics dealer in the nation. Recently, The Illinois Retail Merchants Association honored Bob Abt as the 2004 Retailer of the year. He was picked from over 40,000 Illinois Retailers to be so honored.

The best way to experience the windmill is to view it at Abt electronics where it is running continuously 8 — 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

Abt Electronics is located at 1200 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Glenview IL 60625.