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What Do You Need In Order To Watch HDTV?

By Leah Hope

January 9, 2007 - Over the weekend ABC7 became the first station in Chicago to broadcast news in high definition which features deeper colors and a crisper picture. What steps do you need to take to watch HD TV?

All stations are required to broadcast with a digital signal by 2009 but many will opt for the high definition digital signal that looks great with the right equipment.

So, just what you need for HD?

When Mary Gorny's 32 inch tube TV died and she started looking at high definition television sets. "The television that I bought was sharper and the colors were vivid and I just loved it," said Mary Gorny, HDTV Viewer. Enter a high definition 40 inch flat screen LCD.

Special HD wires will bring the HD signal from Gorny's cable provider to her new screen. "Wow I'll never leave the house," Gorny said.

Gorny gets the best picture possible with the combination of an HD set and an HD signal. "It was like wow...really awesome. I liked it in the store and I like it even better in my house," Gorny said.

"A lot of people want hi definition it's becoming the thing. it has been the thing but it was really costly in the past. Now it's becoming more affordable for the average person to have," said Greg Bentz of ABT Electronics.

To get the best HD picture - the sales manager at Tweeter Michigan Avenue tells us what to ask for. "I want a hi definition set. That's what you want to ask for. Why? Because it's gonna give you the best picture you're gonna run into," said Josh McGinn of Tweeter.

Josh McGinn gets a lot of questions about HD versus HD ready. He says while both take in the high definition signal, the HDTV ready sets may look more you're looking through a window screen. "You are losing some of the sharpness in the picture when it's HDTV ready as opposed to an HD set. With an HD set you're going to get a much finer and crisper picture," McGinn said.

Once you've got the HD set, your cable or satellite provider offer HD packages that will upgrade your equipment and signal for a price. There is also a way to get the HD for free over the air.

"You can also get HD with your old fashioned antenna on your roof or in your attic," said Kal Hassan, ABC7 V.P. of Engineering.

If you're considering getting HD, you have options and with the right equipment and right signal you'll have a clearer picture. "When people talk about HD I'll know what they are talking about. I'm part of the group," said Mary Gorny.

No matter what kind of television set - HD or not - you will still see a clearer picture of ABC7. If you choose to watch us with an HD set, you can use you the "rabbit ear" antenna. There are also more sleek antennas to use indoors.

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