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Back To School Giveaway

Back To School Giveaway
Back To School Giveaway
It's time to go back to school, and we want to make your return to campus a little easier. This month's giveaway features three different prize packages, each designed to improve a separate aspect of your school year. Scroll down to learn about the prizes, which will improve your productivity, keep your health-eating goals on track, and help you capture unforgettable memories. Enter below for your chance to win.
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Enter to Win One of These 3 Prize Packages

Grang Prize

Grand Prize

Our grand prize package is designed to bring a little extra convenience to your daily classroom commute. The HP Chromebook packs in all of the productivity basics, giving you access to the Android app store and Google Docs, plus a full-day battery life, in a slim and lightweight computer. It will slide easily into your new SOLO Varsity Draft backpack, a stylish bag with an internal laptop compartment and plenty of pockets to haul all of your other gear. And the bonus Abt gift card lets you add some useful accessories like a portable mouse or external hard drive.

Second Prize

With unlimited meal plans and a hectic schedule, everyone knows how tempting it is to let your eating habits to fall apart. This prize package will make it a little easier to stick to eating clean in college. From soups to smoothies, the Vitamix blender makes it a cinch to whip up a healthy snack. And always having a water-filled Yeti Rambler on hand will make it easier to avoid reaching for a sugary drink—not to mention saving you money. The Abt gift card can go towards anything at Abt, like something from our gourmet shop to keep your healthy cooking habits going.
Second Place Prize
Runner up prize

Runner Up

Of course, you can’t forget to have some fun while you’re away at school. You’ll make some of the best memories of your life during these years—and this prize package will help. With a rugged design and 10-hour battery life, the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is always down for an impromptu dance party anywhere, from your dorm room to the beach. The Polaroid OneStep+ gives you a unique way to capture your memories in a physical format. You’ll also get an Abt gift card, which can be used towards any of the thousands of entertaining gadgets we sell.

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