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Amina B.

Amina B.

Pričam Bosanski
When I'm not obsessing over dogs, I write poetry and read basically anything within my vicinity. I love visiting museums, or exploring different parts of the world. Love sharing knowledge with whoever wants to hear me out. Wait---- did I mention I love dogs?
Favorite Product:
Bose NC700's! Working out is one of my favorite hobbies, and these headphones tie the whole workout together. From the amount of background noise you can cancel out, the quality of the music you're listening to, and the easy intuitive touch controls, you can basically have a mini concert wherever you are!
Favorite Movies:
Any movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.. count me in!
Favorite TV Shows:
The Office, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Shameless, and Friends (Duh!)
Favorite Vacation Spots:
Split, Croatia or Santorini, Greece.
Call Amina at: 847-544-2369

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  • Our installer was the best! He was courteous, knew what he was doing, took care to do it right and answered all of our questions. We had a great experience and wish we could have him every time!
    Lynne F. - Elgin, IL
    June 4, 2021