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Videos for Whirlpool 15" White Icemaker With Clear Ice Technology - WUI75X15HW

People who love hosting gatherings, big families, and mixologists all have one thing in common: they need a lot of ice. That's where ice makers like this one from Whirlpool come in. With the capacity to hold up to 25 pounds of completely clear ice at a time, this ice maker is impressive—but is it right for you? To answer that question, we've built out a video gallery just for this Whirlpool ice maker. Start with our ice maker buying guide video. To begin, we talk about just how much better at both ice production and storage these separate appliances are compared to the one in your refrigerator.

The two main factors to consider here are ice production and ice storage. Most ice makers can actually produce much more than they can store. That's true with this Whirlpool model, too: it can store 25 pounds of ice in a day, but the Fast Ice feature works to kick up the speed of production. When compared to a countertop model, this version is much better for entertaining and low-maintenance production and storage. However, there will be annual maintenance owners need to perform. To learn more about this product from Whirlpool or other ice makers, call our team at 800-860-3577.