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Videos for Wusthof Classic Two Piece Prep Set - 1120160211

If you're looking to build your knife collection at a more reasonable price, this Wusthof Classic two-piece set will help you get started. With a paring knife and a 6" chef's knife, this set will help you do everything from mincing to chopping to slicing. Whether you're working with meat, vegetables or herbs, most applications are a good fit for these places. Then, you can supplement your collection with other Wusthof knives for specific applications or foods you eat often. Wusthof Classic series knives all feature full bolsters and extremely sharp precision-forged blades for safer, more effective cutting.

If you are looking to build your collection of kitchen knives, it's important to know what each blade is best for. To learn more, check out our knife and cutlery buying guide video to learn the difference between chef's knives versus paring knives, or the best knife for cutting cheese. From there, you can curate your knife collection to only have what you'll actually use regularly. If you have questions about these particular knives or need help placing your order, reach out to our experts at 800-860-3577.