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Videos for Leviton White Surge Protected Receptacle - 5280W

If the outlets in your home are overloaded with plugged-in electronics, the Leviton Decora Plus Surge Protective Duplex Receptacle Outlet could help preserve your favorite devices. But before you take this accessory home with you, explore our video gallery for more insight so you can take better care of your technology today. This self-grounding surge protector from Leviton has the power to deliver the most damaging voltage transients away from your technology, as these surges can cause costly downtime, catastrophic failure and data disruptions. The LED indicator light on this accessory is designed to show you the current protection status and it also comes with a single gang matching wallplate so it can blend in with your existing home decor.

If you're sifting through this video gallery, you may be unfamiliar with the benefits a surge protector can bring bring to your home. If your outlet gets overwhelmed with power and experiences excess voltage, these devices can eliminate it before it ever has the chance to permanently damage your favorite technology. Continue watching for more tips on picking an ideal surge protector, narrowing down models by outlet spacing, ethernet USB, coaxial cable connections and joule ratings. Still have surge protector questions? Talk to our electronics experts for more information at 800-860-3577.