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Videos for Panamax MR Black Home Theater Power Management - MR4300

The Panamax MR home theater power management system brings a whole new level of protection to AV systems, but is it the right model for your home theater? The video gallery our team of AV specialists has put together is designed to help online shoppers to know more about what they need before they click that "buy" button. The perfect place to start is with our surge protector buying guide, where our technologist Carl goes over the basics of surge protectors, and why you may prefer one over a power strip. Carl notes here that power strips just add extra places for users to plug electronics in, while surge protectors perform a real task: protecting what they provide power to.

That's the same case with this system by Panamax. It monitors incoming power, watching for a brownout, blackout or surge. If that occurs, all power to the equipment will be safely turned off to protect your precious and potentially expensive AV equipment from damage. This protector even works to negate damage from lightning, disconnecting AC power from equipment. And with 9 outlets, you'll have lots of room for different gear. To learn more about whether this surge protector is right for your AV setup or home theater, call our team of specialists at 800-860-3577 for advice.