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Videos for Focal 12" Single Coil Subwoofer - 30-A4

Get the booming bass you crave in your car with the Focal 30 A4 subwoofer. Ideal for use in sealed and bass reflex enclosures, this subwoofer provides major sound power and dynamic range. For a more complete soundscape in your vehicle, a subwoofer is a must. This Focal subwoofer provides superior sound thanks to its all-weather dual fiberglass structure cone, along with the cone's rubber surround that ensures strength, durability and accurate sound. It can be installed in a sealed box or a ported closure depending on your vehicle and your audio preferences. Enjoy reliable performance that won't break the bank.

This video gallery is here to help you determine if you need a subwoofer in your car and if this particular Focal subwoofer is the right fit. Begin with our car subwoofer buying guide video to learn more about how these devices work to enhance your car's sound system; from there, you can watch the car speaker video guide to understand how speakers and subwoofers work together. If you still have questions after watching these videos, reach out to 800-860-3577 for expert assistance. Or, if you're local to our Glenview store, visit our Mobile Installation department.