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ASUS Gaming Desktop Computers & Laptops

Whether you take the top spot at online tournaments or just love playing the latest releases, every gamer needs a great gaming computer. No matter your skill level, if you want to play games, you need a gaming PC. Gaming PCs are different from standard computers in that they are built with enhanced graphics cards and faster response times that are necessary when playing a fast-paced, realistic game. They'll also typically offer more RAM and storage to adapt to large game files, which require much more room than simple word documents. When you're looking for a quality computer, look no further than ASUS. Abt carries the best ASUS gaming desktop computers and laptops to give you the best gaming experience possible. NVIDIA GeForce® graphics cards offer breathtaking visuals, blurring the lines between the game's world and the real world. The great thing about having an ASUS PC gaming setup is that you can easily upgrade certain components to keep up with improved technology or graphics in new games without replacing your entire system. If you prefer a more portable option, ASUS also makes gaming laptops. These top-rated laptops are a popular choice among serious and casual gamers alike thanks to their heavy-duty Intel processors and multiple sizes. These also feature the power of GeForce® graphics for unrivaled picture quality. You'll notice that characters more lifelike and small details will stand out more with these hardworking graphics cards. The incredible image doesn't stop at your screen, though; choose from sleek black or stunning blue models, all with an incredibly slim and sleek silhouette. The ROG laptops come in several models, all of which have industry-leading graphics and innovative cooling features like a well-ventilated exterior so your device doesn't overheat in the middle of an important match. Armed with Windows 10, you can access Xbox Live to play your favorite titles with people around the world. ASUS gaming laptops put dependability at the forefront.

Of course, you can't just buy an ASUS gaming desktop computer and expect to instantly game like a pro. To complete your setup, we suggest investing in a gaming chair and a gaming headset to take the gaming experience to the next level. The headphones will make sure you hear your opponent sneaking up behind you and are designed for comfort over hours of gameplay. These headphones typically feature a microphone so you can communicate with your teammates or fans watching your live stream. Others feature Active Noise Cancelling so you can completely focus on the game. The gaming chair will offer lumbar support when you're playing in a lengthy tournament; they also come in different colors for visual appeal, whether you want to create a gaming haven or if you stream on a platform like Twitch with others watching you play. If you're building your gaming setup from scratch and need some assistance, our desktop computer buying guide and laptop buying guide are a great place to start. Alternatively, you can visit our Glenview retail store to speak with our experts or you can call them at 800-860-3577.

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  • Abt put in a long day to get us a working AC to deal with this hot spell, and they did an excellent job navigating our quirky hundred year old house to install a new high efficiency furnace. Thank you!
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