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Audio-Technica Turntables

Since its founding in 1962, Audio-Technica's driving vision has been producing high-quality audio devices that anyone could afford and enjoy. Audio-Technica vinyl players come in a variety of styles and designs, with options for every price range and need. Entry-level models start around $100 and even their most expensive, audiophile units come in well under $1,000.

Their line of record players includes both direct and belt drive turntables ranging from fully manual to fully automatic. Belt drive models use a separate motor to spin the record platter with a belt. This limits the chance of motor vibrations interfering with playback. Direct drive motors connect directly to the platter, allowing them to spin up to speed almost instantly. This makes them the preferred choice for DJs and turntablists as it simplifies beat matching and scratching.

Fully automatic turntables automatically lower their tone arm onto the record at the push of a button. When the record ends, they return the arm to its resting position. Manual turntables require the user to lift and lower the arm themselves. Neither style is definitively better than the other. But some argue that the additional moving parts of an automatic turntable can hinder sound quality. When properly cared for, a quality turntable of either style will provide you with exceptional audio quality.

For those looking to bring their vinyl collection into the world of digital audio, consider an Audio-Technica USB turntable. These models feature a USB port that allows you to connect to a computer. Once connected, you can convert the analog sounds of vinyl into digital formats. You can do so via Audacity, a free program, or your preferred recording software.

Audio-Technica USB turntables also include a built-in phono preamplifier. This allows you to connect the turntable directly to your home stereo or powered speakers via RCA output cables even if the external devices lack a dedicated phono input. If you decide on a turntable without a built-in phono preamp, make sure your system includes one elsewhere. You can use a standalone preamplifier, an integrated amp, or a receiver for this purpose.

If you know what you need, order from our above selection today! But if you aren't sure which model best suits your needs, reach out to our Custom Audio and Video Department at 847.544.2307 or via email at [email protected]. We'll gladly answer any questions you may have and can help you find the perfect Audio-Technica turntable for your specific needs and budget.

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