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Bertazzoni Ranges

Bertazzoni Ranges

A Bertazzoni range makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Not only do they feature innovative designs, but they are also very functional and easy for the home chef to operate. Bertazzoni has been making cooking appliances for over 135 years. Over the generations, they have designed and manufactured stoves, refrigerators, wall ovens, ranges, range tops and electric cooktops.

The company originated in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, which is a region known around the world for its food and wine. Now the company is known throughout the world for the engineering of its appliances that include Bertazzoni ranges.

Cooktop and Rangetops

Abt carries a variety of cooktops, like the Professional Series featuring touch control and four burners that maximize heat delivery. With the touch controls integrated into the front of 24" and 30" models, they are intuitive and easy to clean.

Bertazzoni ranges appeal to both the novice foodie and the serious Chef. A 36" 63,700 BTU model with six heating zones allows for high output in the kitchen as you fry, saute, boil and blanch meals to the delight of your dinner party guests. This counter-depth model was designed and made in Italy where crafting meals is a sacred art. The Monobloc brass burners look great and the ergonomically designed handles are easy to grasp and turn.

A drop-in cooktop is another option for your kitchen. With a low edge and innovative design, these models fit nearly any kitchen setup. The grates were designed to accommodate pots and pans of varying sizes and the seamless one-piece stainless worktop is easy to clean. These products prioritize safety as well. Bertazzoni stoves use 100% fail-safe thermocouple technology that shuts the gas off as soon as the flame goes out.

The Master series offers even more options for your culinary creations. With six brass burners and cast iron contour grates, you can use multiple pots and pans to boil pasta water, saute vegetables and sear steaks at the same time. A touch-control induction version is another fantastic appliance that helps the home chef take meal preparation to a new level. Use the booster function available on these models to instantly heat pots and pans.

Accessories, Packages & More

Abt sells accessories for use with Bertazzoni ranges and cooktops. That includes cast iron simmer rings, cast iron wok rings as well as toe-kick panels and telescopic glide sets. If you are remodeling a kitchen and need new appliances, Abt has this brand's fridges, dishwashers, microwaves, and stoves that use electricity, gas, or both with dual fuel capabilities. Ask us about a kitchen appliance package and create a beautiful, seamlessly integrated kitchen featuring the finest in Italian design and engineering. Tailor the look of your Bertazzoni ranges with a copper-plated decor set featuring 12 control knobs and eight handle finials.

A front-control gas cooktop sits flush with the countertops and cabinets in your kitchen. A four-top stainless steel 24" version may be the perfect size for your kitchen and these models are very affordable. However, a six-top 36" model offers even more options for using multiple pots and pans. The low-depth design of a cooktop makes them perfect for installing over an oven. These gas models are ADA compliant and come with a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

Buy Yours Today from Abt

Call an Abt appliance specialist today with your questions about Bertazzoni ranges and all our kitchen appliances. Our team will be happy to discuss the features and specifications of these products as well as warranty and financing information. Call 800-860-3577 to learn more, and read our Cooktop Buying Guide too!

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