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Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerator

With design quality that delights in every aspect, it might be hard to believe that Bosch counter-depth refrigerators are designed primarily for efficiency and usability. And as one of the most used items in the home, your refrigerator needs to be at the cutting edge of innovation. These models fuse modern style with new technology for an appliance that is a true revolution. Learn more about their fridges below, and pair your tech with other Bosch kitchen appliances for a unified aesthetic.

Ultra-Cool Technology

Your refrigerator is the workhorse of the kitchen (can you imagine going a day without opening it?) and its sworn duty is to keep food fresh. Bosch counter-depth refrigerators combine multiple cooling innovations, like their MultiAirflow™ cooling system. This chilling technology keeps cool air circulating and sends hot air out, making it easier to keep all your groceries cool. Plus, it saves energy in the process.

More of a fruit and veggie fanatic? Opt for a model with their FarmFresh System™. These models come pre-optimized to keep food fresher for longer. Choose your freshness setting to optimize temperature and humidity to keep fruit and veggies (along with meat and fish) in great shape.

Larger families will want to look for space-saving measures in their Bosch counter-depth fridge. Since they're only as deep as the common counter, these technological giants often make up for lost space by having a broader width. Keep an eye out for even more space-saving features like in-door water dispensers, freezer-drawer icemakers, and high in-door cavities that take advantage of unused fridge space.

Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerator, Full-Size Flair

These counter-depth appliances bring a built-in look to the kitchen, with stainless steel shine that looks astonishing beside almost any color of wood or cabinetry. Thanks to their reduced depth, these fridges bring a streamlined silhouette to any home. The appliances are hardly noticeable, though their style can't help but emerge.

At the same time, these built-in refrigerators almost always sacrifice space in the name of style. But with up to 21 cubic feet of space (and an expanded width) you'll have plenty of room for all your groceries. Customizable storage shelves help to accommodate objects small and large, changing to fit your needs as they evolve.

If the extra width is too large for your condo or small home, look for an even skinnier Bosch counter-depth refrigerator. Their 24" models cut back an entire foot of width while keeping all of the built-in style.

Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerator, Serviced

If you're not sure whether a Bosch counter-depth refrigerator is for you, check out our Refrigerator Sizing and Buying Guide to learn more about what you need. Or call our experts at 800-860-3577 for an expert opinion. Both resources can help you understand the difference between French door refrigerators and side-by-side models, as well as freestanding refrigerators and built-in units. If you already know what you need, buy online or swing by the store to see your future fridge in person. Each appliance comes with a manufacturer's warranty of at least one year, and we'll continue to service yours throughout its lifetime.

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