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Bosch Ranges

Functional Cooking Designed with Care

Whether you're a home chef putting together an original cookbook or a meal-prep fanatic, you'll appreciate the intelligent design Bosch ranges bring into the kitchen. The European engineers infuse smart technology and bold features in each of their appliances. With a collection of gas, electric, and dual-fuel devices, there's a methodology behind the product that fits your exact needs.

Bosch Ranges: Gas

Long lauded as the only way for a true cook to create, the gas stove's grand entry into the future is marked by subtle design improvements. These six-burner machines are designed to keep as many dishes cooking as possible to get food finished fast. Keep pasta boiling, veggies sautéing, proteins searing, and sauces bubbling...all while you flip an omelet. If you're a multitasking cook, this style of range is for you.

Even if you don't have five hands (or make three meals at once), the power of these gas appliances is undeniable. Whether you're stirring soups or wilting greens, these Bosch ranges will accomplish the job quickly. With a power burner that reaches 18,000 BTUs and four others that reach 10,000 BTUs, you'll have dinner on the table in no time. For dishes that require a more delicate touch, a lower-power 5,000 BTU burner in the rear will keep things as warm as required.

Bosch Ranges: Electric

What the gas range is to stovetop cooking, the electric oven is to baking and roasting. Electric ovens keep dry heat circulating evenly, while a gas oven's heat contains more moisture. These electric versions can do more when it comes to broiling and creating a crunchy coating (especially on chicken and other proteins). For homes that prefer dry heat and lack a gas line, the electric Bosch Range is the obvious choice. Even prejudiced gas users might fall in love with their European convection methods and quiet heat.

Bosch Ranges: Dual-Fuel Ranges

If you like the idea of a gas range top and an electric oven, you're not alone. And Bosch thought of that too. These appliances combine the best of both worlds for unbelievable cooking quality. Serious home chefs will love the extra heat control they can have over both their gas and electric components. Opt for an oven that has all the features you want (and not the ones you don't) like warming drawers and slide-out racks.

Served With Service

If you're not sure that one of these Bosch ranges is for you, look over our kitchen range buying guide for more info on the device that's best for you. If you're still not sold, give us a call at 800-860-3577 or step into the store for a look at what we have in stock. Our experts are always dedicated to helping you find the right product for your home, whatever fuel source it cooks with.

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