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The Bosch Oven

Aligning perfectly with your kitchen cabinetry, a Bosch oven brings high-end power and built-in style to life. Their signature brushed stainless steel and shining glass windows bring unmistakable class to any kitchen. A device designed to showcase European flair, the Bosch oven sits in your wall, at the ready for whatever life brings you and it. Whether the family is roasting a holiday meal or whipping up desserts, baking can be a science. Discover how to perfect your recipes with a Bosch.

Where Innovation and Creativity Meet

Some compare cooking on the range to an art form, with swirled spices and temperatures changed at the touch of a spoon or button. While range-top cooking can be altered easily, baking is often more of a science. It's important to have your ingredients proportioned correctly, use the correct temperature, and several other factors. That's why a Bosch oven is designed specifically with baking and roasting in mind

If you're a baking enthusiast, look for an appliance built with steam features. These steam ovens help to keep nutrients from "baking out" or cooking in fat, it's true. But they're also an amazing improvement for breadmakers. No matter what kind you're baking, steam is integral to the breadmaking process and helps to keep the bread soft, but not too soft. Loaves come out warm with just the perfect bite. Add your favorite spreadable for a perfect snack or treat.

Bosch Oven: Hot, Fresh Features

Bosch ovens aren't just for bread makers and star bakers. These cookers make it easy to get meals finished fast, too. Speed demons should keep an eye out for their speed ovens. These speed versions of the classic heater fuse microwave technology with the cooking qualities of a conventional Bosch oven. Roast meats, bake cupcakes, and brown vegetables all in the same machine to get dinner on the table in a hurry. Multiple racks mean that things get done all at once, too.

Families on the go should keep an eye out for models with WiFi connectivity, too. These models can connect to your devices via the Home Connect™ app, allowing you to monitor and control your device even when you're not close by. This feature is the perfect option for dishes that need their temperature changed throughout the recipe.

Service from Abt

These designer appliances come in styles that will make any kitchen look sharp, especially with their black stainless steel models. If you're still not sure if a Bosch oven is for you, look over our wall oven buying guide to learn more. Maybe what you really need is a double oven. For an expert opinion, give us a call at 800-860-3577 or come visit us in the store. We're always happy to help you find the appliance that best matches your home and cooking style, and we want to make sure you love the one you take home.

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