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Braun Coffee Makers: A Smarter Design for Better Taste

When it comes to modern small kitchen appliances, some of the designs can get a little extreme. Between the minimalist French press and the semi-automatic espresso machines with functions for cappuccinos and foam, it can be hard to tell which caffeine deceive actually makes the best java. That's why Braun sought to strike a happy medium with their classic-style devices. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out how to make your morning joe, relax with the familiarity of a cup of joe from a drip.

Some baristas might look down on drip for simplicity in design, but that's exactly what makes these devices desirable. But don't be fooled—these stainless steel appliances are designed to make the waking-up process as painless and delicious as possible. Look for modern upgrades to the classic Braun coffee maker at Abt.

A Familiar Process with Modern Improvements

If you're a longtime java drinker, you're very familiar with the traditional drip method. Place the filter, add your favorite brew and water, then turn the machine on. Braun coffee makers use the same concept with some significant upgrades. Large carafes can hold up to twelve cups, while anti-dripping technology keeps your machine from dribbling—that is, after it's been brewed. That way, no satisfying drop goes to waste (or stains your countertops). But what heavy sleepers will love most is the 24-hour timer available on most models. These versions can be programmed to start brewing automatically, with no need to stumble into the kitchen and push a button. To use this feature, load it up the night before with a filter, ground beans and water. You'll wake up to the dark smell of your favorite variety of java being made in the other room, right on time.

If you're looking for more specialized features, you might still be tempted to discount the drip method. But these devices are actually some of the most multifunctional on the market. Instead of crowding your countertop with a single-serve model and a full carafe to have ready for guests, find a Braun coffee maker that can do both. Swap the 12-cup container for a mug and insert the beverage pod if you're enjoying alone, or switch back for impromptu gatherings and meetings. Some models even let you select your brew strength, with options ranging from regular to bold. Soon everyone will be enjoying the perfect cup, no matter their taste.

Which One Should You Pick?

If you're having a hard time choosing a Braun coffee maker that's right for you, you don't have to fly blind. Instead, do a little bit of homework and check out our Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Buying Guide. Here, our experts itemize all the important aspects of these devices, as well as the different varieties available on the market. You'll soon be an expert on all kinds of java machines, from percolators to cold-brew devices and automatic espresso machines. If you still aren't sure about your decision, give our specialists a call at 800-860-3577. We'll be able to help you isolate exactly what you need from a Braun coffee maker.

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