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Braun Small Kitchen Appliances

Braun Small Kitchen Appliances at Abt

Complete Your Kitchen With Braun at Abt

In 1920, engineer Max Braun began a radio machine-building workshop in Germany and over the next eight years, the company grew and turned into a fully employed factory. While he found great success, it wasn't until after World War II that the company expanded their product line to meet household needs, releasing their first Multimix food processor in 1950. With the help of designer Dieter Rams, Braun was able to set a new style standard with their Bauhaus-inspired products, more abstract, angular and geometric in shape. It was their unique and innovative take on household appliances that eventually made them a world-famous global brand. While every piece of cookware and bakeware is high-quality and well-engineered, the aesthetic appeal in their design is what has been drawing customers in for years. Currently, Braun's products span anywhere from household cleaning to personal care to kitchen appliances. They've become the number one brand in the world of hand blenders and in 2021, they won the Reddot award, the German Innovation Award and the German Design Award.

Designed For What Matters

Abt carries many handheld and countertop appliances from Braun that are bound to make creating snacks, meals and drinks easier and more delicious. Their MultiQuick hand blenders and hand mixers are durable, versatile and provide high-quality performance for food prep. Let these tools do the hard work for you as they even feature a unique and ergonomic design for ultimate comfort in your hand. Braun mixers offer 50% more power and require half the mixing effort due to the creation of the vertical motor. Clean-up is easier too as the body of their mixers are entirely sealed and some parts are even dishwasher safe. The mixers come with various attachments like whisks and dough hooks, which can be switched quickly at the touch of a button. Braun blenders can grind up even the coarsest of ingredients for consistently smooth results. The newest technology design allows for the blades to move up and down, offering 250% more cutting surface inside the appliance. You'll be able to keep your kitchen clean too, as their blenders are constructed to keep all ingredients safely inside.

Braun prides itself on carrying plenty of appliances to help start your morning right, including water kettles, toasters and coffee makers to make the perfect breakfast. Braun coffee makers can calculate precise temperature, water flow and speed in order to produce an optimal and consistent brew every time. Some settings are even customizable, like the strength of your brew, if you have specific coffee preferences. Dials on their machines allow you to choose your ideal serving size, whether it's a single cup or a full carafe. A smooth and rich taste is always guaranteed and when you pour, you won't need to worry about making a mess with the anti-drip system. If getting up early to get your coffee ready sounds like a chore, you can use the 24-hour timer to pre-program your brew so it's ready when you are. Go ahead and sleep in late too, as the Keep Warm plate will keep your coffee hot for hours. All of Braun's kitchen appliances are BPA-free as well, safe to use when cooking in order to maintain good health. To learn more about the abilities of blenders, mixers and coffee makers like these, scroll through our small appliances buying guides. If you have any questions about Braun's product line, you can speak to a member of our team at 800-860-3577.