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Coyote Portable Grill Carts

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Coyote Grill Carts & Grill Drawers

Stop running indoors every time you need a utensil or spice for the food on your outdoor grill. Coyote offers high quality stainless steel grill carts and grill drawers to store all your grilling must-haves. Proper storage keeps your outdoor grill neat and saves you time as you can keep your most-used items within arm's reach. Carts are ideal for upgrading portable grills to give them a more permanent feel. If you're looking to incorporate a built-in grill to your outdoor setup, Coyote also offers insulated jackets for their grills as well as their side burners to prevent fires. Like their grills, Coyote's storage solutions are also made of stainless steel for durability. Coyote grill carts come in various sizes to ensure your grill has the perfect fit. Their 304 stainless steel construction offers corrosion resistance and will match your other outdoor appliances. The carts all feature lockable casters so you can move your grill around your yard as needed, especially when it's time to store it in the off-season, but will also stay securely in place while in use. If you have an electric grill, you can also purchase a pedestal for it to add prep space to your setup. All Coyote grill carts feature side shelves that are perfect for holding your serving platter or prepping food for the grill. The shelves fold down for easy storage. The grill carts feature a cabinet to store your tools, apron, or even a favorite cookbook.

Adding grill drawers and cabinets to your outdoor kitchen allows you to replicate the convenience of your indoor kitchen at your outdoor grill. These secure stainless steel drawers offer a safe place to keep spices, outdoor place settings, or your favorite grill tongs. Whether you have a single standalone island or a full-length outdoor kitchen, you can find the right storage solution for your setup. Choose from single drawers or cabinet and drawer combinations depending on the space you have and how much space you need for your items. The drawers and cabinets all have stainless steel handles so they can withstand repeated opening and closing without coming loose or breaking. You can also choose from helpful add-ons to maximize your kitchen island. A warming drawer is perfect to keep food at the right serving temperature, especially for that one friend who always shows up late. Add a paper towel holder to wipe up spilled BBQ sauce or grease splatters to maintain the finish of your Coyote grill. If you love concocting your own spice mixtures or dry rubs, Coyote even offers a stainless steel spice rack drawer with two shelves to install alongside your other storage.

Having the proper insulated jacket for your grill is not only convenient but also keeps you safe. Insulated jackets are essential if your outdoor kitchen island is made of a combustible material or if your grill will be near other combustible materials. Coyote's models are made entirely of 304 stainless steel for extreme durability, which becomes especially important when you want to avoid fires. Stainless steel offers good heat resistance. These jackets come in various sizes to fit whichever Coyote grill you own. Proper storage is essential for convenient, efficient grilling. With grill drawers, carts, cabinets, and more to choose from, you can design the perfect outdoor kitchen to create your outdoor oasis.

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  • Abt popped up when I was searching to replace a bisque colored microwave. The price and delivery time surpassed all other providers. I researched the BBB rating and reviewed company history. Placed the order and it was delivered on the date quoted. A great choice.
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