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Dacor Gas Cooktops Modern Features for Modern Kitchens

A reliable cooktop is the cornerstone of any kitchen. These appliances can do it all, whether you're boiling water for pasta, melting butter or chocolate for baking or frying up crispy chicken wings. Dacor gas cooktops take this kitchen classic to the next level with their luxury aesthetic and modern features. Each model has continuous grates that make it easy to move heavy pots and pans across the cooktop surface and also make it easier to clean. You can place multiple pans side by wide without fear of uneven cooking or a full pot tipping over and spilling. Dacor cooktops are designed for flush installation, creating a streamlined look on your kitchen island or countertops. Of course, the burners are arguably the most important component on the cooktop and Dacor gas cooktops have features to make them more powerful, more efficient and more attractive. Dacor burners are equipped with Perma-Flame technology that automatically reignites the flame should it go out, which minimizes interruptions while you're cooking. No more frantically searching for a lighter to reignite a snuffed-out burner. With the SimmerSear™ burners, you can cook on incredibly low or incredibly high temperatures to make sauce, melt ingredients or sear steaks. Dacor makes their burners from brass, which makes them both beautiful and durable with resistance to incredibly high temperatures. There are even WiFi-enabled models available that let you control the appliance from your home or wirelessly connect your cooktop to your wall hood for proper ventilation in your home. If you don't have a hood, don't worry: Dacor cooktops are also available in downdraft compatible models.

A Dacor Cooktop for Every Chef

Dacor cooktops can have four, five or six burners, which allows you to pick the perfect cooktop that not only fits the existing space in your kitchen but can also respond to your cooking demands. They are also made to fit any kitchen aesthetic; models are available in each of Dacor's signature styles: Contemporary, Transitional and Professional. The styles are then available in graphite or silver stainless steel finishes to match the rest of your Dacor appliances, which will instantly upgrade your kitchen. The control knobs can be either in front of the burners or run alongside them; while this choice is mainly aesthetic, a model with side knobs might be better for homes with young children to keep them away from the flame. There are also Dacor cooktops that have their signature Illumina™ lighted knobs that lend a modern look while also letting you know which knobs are in use. The importance of choosing the right cooktop can't be overstated so it's important to fully research your purchase. Our cooktop buying guide breaks down fuel types and features so you can determine what you need. You can also visit our appliance experts at our Glenview store or, if you're not local, you can call them at 800-860-3577 for help. Add a Dacor cooktop to your home and turn meal prep into an unforgettable experience.

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