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Friedrich PTAC: Dual Cooling & Heating PTAC Units

When temperatures start creeping up and longer nights approach, it can be difficult to find the self-contained air conditioning solution that best fits your home, room, or business. Instead of installing temporary window air conditioners only to remove them a few months later, turn to the temperature experts at Friedrich for a long-term solution. Friedrich PTAC devices are a permanent fix to the temperature fluctuations that persist year-round. Installation only happens once, and keeps your windows clear for a stylish change from the cramped, wiry look of a window version.

Popular Practically and Easy Installation

While the phrase "PTAC Unit" may sound unfamiliar, you've almost certainly seen (and even used) one of these machines before. These devices are permanently installed beneath a window, and can cool or heat a single room. That dual functionality makes them a favorite for places like hotel rooms, hospitals, assisted living facilities, and office spaces. Plus each one can be controlled individually, meaning that the chilly person in room 1B doesn't have to deal with the effects of 1A's recent hot flashes. Bring the same practicality into your home or business with a Friedrich PTAC unit and customize your cool. In the world of climate control, much relies on balancing cost with value. And at the top end of that value/cost ratio is the gold standard of central air conditioning, with a long-lasting lifespan and ease of use that's unmatched. However, installation is often expensive and difficult, which leads many people to search for a quality device elsewhere. These devices fuse a simple one-time installation with effective cooling for a machine that fits exactly what clients need. Each unit comes with a wall sleeve to ensure the appliance goes exactly where it should, too, ensuring proper installation that will last for years to come.

High Power, Low Noise Levels

When the thermostat level starts to soar, you're only thinking about turning on that air conditioner. However, many homeowners find themselves being kept awake by loud compressors and heavy fan speeds. Friedrich PTAC units provide the same powerful cooling, all while dropping the operating volume down low. Their sound-reducing technology often involves a dual-motor design, with one inside the room and one outside. The interior motor runs at lower speeds, allowing the outdoor motor to function at a higher intensity while keeping most of the noise out of the home. Permanent motor lubrication means there's little maintenance needed and nothing for your spinning parts to catch on, shaving even more decibels from your operating volume.

For Heating and Cooling, Anytime

While PTAC units are first and foremost air conditioners, most of them are also equipped with heating capabilities. Nearly all Friedrich units feature electric heating, and with a multi-speed fan and modes that adapt to your desired temperature, you can be sure that your space will match your desired temperature. Each Friedrich PTAC unit is covered by a manufacturer warranty lasting two full years for parts and labor. If you are not sure that this is the right cooler for you, check out our Air Conditioner Sizing and Buying Guide and read up on other models that might provide a better solution for your home. Alternatively, call one of our experts at 800-860-3577 for personalized advice.

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  • I was pleasantly shocked at how quickly this shipped. Also appreciated all the updates on tracking. Love my corner Whirlpool corner microwave!
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    June 23, 2021