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GE Dishwashers: Power and Science, Combined

With connections to Thomas Edison himself, General Electric is known for innovation among appliances. Since 1892, they've been researching and developing the technology that households need - and made life easier in the process. The first electric range, home television, and even electric car were developed using GE's research. Breakthrough technologies like these are born from small innovations in design and concept. Learn more about how GE dishwashers can change the way your home works with new smart technologies and unchallenged cleaning power.

General Electric, Specialized Power

GE Dishwashers are designed to take the heavy load of pre-washing dishes, cutlery, and bakeware off of you. Time spent scrubbing with steel wool and sponges is time that could be spent with your family. That's why these workhorses are armed with as much power as possible - like the anti-jamming Piranha hard food disposer. This stainless steel blade moves at over 3,000 rpm, destroying food particles and keeping pipes clear.

Baked-on food and clingy sauces can be tough to get off with the average appliance. Look for GE dishwashers with the Steam + Sani cycle. This technology soaks through sturdy soils, eliminating the need to pre-wash or pre-soak almost any dish. High-heat rinses sanitize any remaining material, leaving items like baby bottles clean and free of 99.999% of bacteria commonly found on dishes. Athletes and new parents should keep an eye out for an appliance with dedicated bottle jets. With these, the washer's main arm douses dishes with hydroelectric cleaning power while bottle jets take aim at the top rack. These jets clean items that are usually tough to reach (like inside water and baby bottles) thanks to multiple dedicated jets on the upper rack. No more hand washing necessary.

Smart Science

An appliance needs to be more than just powerful to get the job done. These GE dishwashers make the most of their space with smart technology that solves problems - before they arise. Look for models designed with wash zones - these wash zones allow you to wash half of a load at a time, saving water and energy. Choose to clean either the upper or lower rack and keep your dishes sanitary every day. A true smart device knows how to "think" for itself. Dishwashers with the AutoSense Cycle do just that. AutoSense analyzes the soil level of the load as it cleans, pumping in more power when needed and automatically stopping once the dishes are completely clean.

Cooking a large dinner or hosting a party? It can feel like there's never enough space to fit every serving utensil or spatula. That's why many GE dishwashers come equipped with a foldable third rack. Fold down this rack across the top of the dishwasher for extra space for cutlery, flatware, and small utensils. Looking for even more space? Machines with adjustable upper racks allow for plates over ten inches across to fit in this multipurpose area with a simple height change.

Supercharged Styles

The home fixture is a permanent aspect of your kitchen, and GE has a full suite of styles ready to work with your kitchen's mood and design. Bright white and stainless steel are always popular and look great in a contemporary kitchen. Dark slate and black dishwashers go well with burnished wood countertops and similar color schemes, as well. Looking to complete your counter-depth collection of appliances? Choose one of our built-in GE dishwashers. These appliances align with existing cabinets and islands for a smooth, uninterrupted silhouette.

For more help with choosing a dishwasher that's best for your home, check out our Dishwasher Buying Guide. Complete your collection of specialized GE appliances at Abt, and find a new refrigerator, washing machine, ranges, and more. Looking for an expert opinion? Call us at 800-860-3577 for help from one of our specialists. We're always here to help.

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